gearbest kentucky warehouse

ive got a utorch- ut02, thats been sitting in the kentucky warehouse for 6 days now, by their tracking
any ideas how long it takes for those guys to get it moved out of there and to USPS ?
seems if they had it now that long , they would move it on out
anybody have any suggestions, besides hurry up and wait :stuck_out_tongue:

113 views, and no insight ….

I clicked on this link expecting to see information about a north american GB warehouse for our half of the world… I’m probably not alone.

shipped from gearbest like lightning
like maybe the next day
thought i had it made
then it gets to the states and stalls for days………

where its at now
im only like 6 hours from there
maybe they will let me ride by and pick it up :wink:

I’m pretty curious about this…

Hebron is only about 20 minutes away from me. Sort of doubt they’re set up to do any in-person business, but it would be awesome if I could just go out there and buy stuff.

Let me know if I need to go out there and “lay the wood” for you Nodoubt, lol. :cowboy_hat_face:

When they have those warehouse sales, you can see the checkboxes on the left, things like


etc. Why “NY” and “NYC” are 2 distinct entities, no idea, but…

Anyway, they have a few.

Pretty sure Hebron is where International Bridge makes the handoff to USPS.

Check the original IB tracking number. Sometimes the original USPS number (9-whatever) will be revised to a new number. The old one will stay static as it’s now defunct, but the new one will have the most current info.

Hebron Ky is a massive logistics center for Amazon, and Toyota as well. Hebron sits right next to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. If you google map the area, it’s nothing but warehouses around the entire area from hundreds of companies. DHL & Fedex logistics is there too.

Busy little beavers…