Gearbest New Deal for LED Light Bulb @$2.99 USD for 3W, $9.59 for 10W

Hi guys,

Here comes a new deal for you, it’s a very cure and useful LED Light Bulb

Coupon Code:GB3W for $2.99.

We will give 2 for free by random if you can post your order# in this thread, once you were chosen, we will refund on your Gearbest account.

Edit_Winners will be announced on 06/16/2014, and there will be another special gifts on that special day for some lucky BLF users via a giveaway, please wait and see!

_Edit: Thanks blueb8llz for suggestion of a brighter bulb :slight_smile:
Coupon code:LB0132801
Price: $9.59
PS: This is not in for the “free for 2”, just a supplementary coupon.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

It’s very cute right? Also the link 404’s.

Cure, cute, cut…take your pick. Link:


I’ve always wanted to try one of these. Not really sure how useful it would be. I don’t really keep that many unnecessary lights on inside my house (ie. display case lights, etc.).

I’ve seen some videos of people using them as accent lighting behind their computer work areas, but I see little use of that other than to showcase when guest are over.

Bought one, used some of my GB points = $2.45USD Will use in a display case. Thanks.

Keep the deals coming (when can we expect to see the return of the $1.20 Olight H15 :wink: )

Thanks for your notice, corrected it :slight_smile:

Sorry for the mistake, corrected now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest and support, enjoy :slight_smile:

What do those bulbs and that controller do?

are these the brightest ones you stock?

I think they have 10W also.

I asked Dora of Gearbest and she said the light’s color changes according to the color chosen in the remote.

Hello dear all,

I just updated the coupon code and price, now it’s GB3W for $2.99. I think this is crazy, but just happened :ghost:

Thanks for your post, but this one is 3W, our brightest is 150W on other model, it’ll be on stock soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Tata, you’re always great :crown:

Fun fact: Tata means father in my language.

Really? In our country it is the nickname given to the ‘youngest’ in the family.

Yeey! Pretty colors! :party:

My order number: WW1405280305375710


my order # is WW1405271136434623


Do you know how you get irate customers? Well, you sell them a light for $3.49. Then the next day you drop the price to $2.99 |( But, you can once again have a happy customer if you provide some kind of compensation (ie. refund the difference or provide some extra gearbest points for a future purchase; or send two lights instead of one :slight_smile: )

My order# is W1405270733002187

side note: I received my power bank order yesterday. 35 days from order to delivery! The Opus charger only took around 14 days. Not your fault; It just shows how inconsistent the non-priority mail system is.

Order no.: WW1405280738108967