gearbest Samsung cells

Recently I have noticed that Gearbest have some pretty good prices on Samsung 18650 cells. The question is, are they real?

Does anyone have any experience buying batteries from them?


There must be someone with cells from Gearbest.


I bought 4 unprotected and 1 protected icr18650 - 26fm from Gearbest. Tested with Opus BT - C3100 on default 500mA charge and discharge, 2743, 2747, 2769, 2760 mah on the unprotected and 2751 mah on the protected.

Also bought 4 at Banggood, they are advertised as icr18650 - 26f but are the same as Gearbest (had the m printed on the wrapper.) They tested 2746, 2754, 2775,2764 mah.

Sound pretty genuine to me. Good performance as well.



I think they are known to be good, the real deal. I hope so anyway. I recently ordered a couple 25r’s from them.

Good stuff, I’ll get some ordered. They are significantly cheaper than Banggood and they weren’t exactly overpriced. Just hope they arrive in time for Xmas. :wink:

Thanks all,


I have more batteries that I need, but that was a very good price. I have several wholesale price lists and the price is almost the same, and better after you have paid for shipping from the wholesaler.
So I ordered 12 x icr18650 – 26fm and 8 x icr18650 – 26fm protected.

LOL. I like the way you said you have more than enough batteries but still had to buy 20!


By the way, does anyone know if there are any codes for gearbest?


Send this account a pm about it:

Thanks for that.


What was the color of the batteries you got? I only see purple icr18650 –26fm batteries there now, and that was what I ordered.

These are the ones I got from Banggood,

These are the ones from Gearbest,

Ordered both on May 23, Banggoods 3 or more price plus BLF code, 4 came to $14.02. Gearbest had them 4 for $13.28 when I bought them. (@marcl, if you find a code for Gearbest can you post it or PM me?)

Gearbest order came June 11 and Banggoods came June 24 to Southeast US.

Yes, sure will.


Tnx, then I have ordered the same, so I’m expecting the same rating as you got.

I wouldn’t trust buying batteries from any of them. Notice the pictures at Gearbest show FM and Banggood show F M.

I swear that aliens have invaded China and the Ferengi are running the stores.

“And then I told them that they were genuine Samsung cells”

I have ordered 8 pcs of samsung 25R,and they are on the way with Sweden post. Price is amazing only 15$ for 4pcs,but I have payd almost nothing because I have used my points gaind from orders and reviews. So there is no code for batteries because they are already cheapest on the market….

What is the best battery: Samsung 26FM or Samsung 25R? Why should I buy 25R over 26FM?

25R are IMR, different chemistry, so they can achieve 10 C discharge. They are the best for powerful flashlights or power tools. For powerbank 26f are just fine…

GB still have very good prices on these batteries. However, when I try to put in an order, I cannot deselect the tracking number charge anymore. Is this now the norm?