Gearbest Special Promotion Offered by Brinyte

Hi guys, we got a special promotion offered by Brinyte for all the products on our store, they give us for 20% off for the whole line products:\_gear/, we post here in case you are interested in it :bigsmile:

Promotion time: 7.12โ€”7.26

I think some lights are pretty good for the quality and price, like this one

Or this one

I know they are good at dive lights, if someone interested in it, we can help to find what you like and offer the best price :wink:

Whatโ€™s important is, they can offer you, BLF members who are interested in reviewing their lights for free samples, of course, not for all :smiley:
Please kindly pm me with the review details, sorry, I canโ€™t promise each one pm me will have the free light to do review, but I will try my best;)

Thanks for your support and kind understanding, as always!!!

Happy weekend!!

Can you give me an idea of a price you can offer for their following models:

- DIV04

  • DIV08


I just wanted to say to you guys, Keep up the good work! I have been very happy with my purchases from you. Thanks for thinking of us when you get these kind of deals and please keep them coming.

Hello Rod911,

Thanks for your info, we will contact with the Brinyte supplier and confirm for the lowest price for you, and the other members who are interested in, thanks :slight_smile:

Dear 18650,

Thanks for your kind comment, we are just doing what we should do, thanks for your support :crown:
Of course, we will keep great budget lights deals coming for you, and we are improving our service for the shipping time, hope we can serve every member well :beer:

Hello Rod911.

We confirmed with the Brinyte supplier, the DIV04 is out of production now, but the DIV08 they can offer us at $59.73, thanks :slight_smile:

The s156 looks good.

Thanks for your info, we will contact with the supplier and stock asap, I will ask for the best price for you :slight_smile:

The S78 looks Crazy.