Gearbest we go again

Hi guys,
I purchased those little USB led lights you use with a power pack. I ordered 15 3pack X 5 and only received 10 X 2 Packets.

I lodged a ticket with gearbest, and I get the BS again because they do not read what you contacted then for. I will post below the conversation ticket.
Cheers guys, and Merry Xmas

Ticket: WT17121314613
Order Number: W1711270254394185
Message Type: After-Sales Returns & Exchange
Subject: Missing part of order
Hi, I received my package on the 13th December 2017 and one item is missing. The item that is missing is: USB Light Keychain 6 x 5730SMD LED Lamp Size:5PCS Color:WARM WHITE LIGHT. I am not very happy as these ordered items were for a xmas presents. “I do not want a refund” I want the item shipped that I paid for… I paid Delivery costs of $4.84 to make sure I received my items faster, Thank you
Ticket Status: Processing
Full Name: Anthony XXXXXX
Attach Files:
Gearbest Customer Support At12/13/2017 09:03:04
Dear Anthony,

Thank you for contacting

We have dispatched your order W1711270254394185. Please check your shipment details below:

※Delayed packages:

Tracking/reference number Shipping method Tracking site Shipping date Estimated time
(business days) Sku*quantity
2MA270053201000931504 AUEXPUBI ubi Nov 28, 2017 07:25:51 5-10 211567302 * 1
211567402 * 1
2MA270709801000931508 AUEXPUBI ubi Nov 30, 2017 22:37:22 5-10 211567404 * 1
As for the delayed packages, Please kindly confirm the following information so we could resolve this issue.

1) Please contact your local post office (or shipping company), stating your name and address.
In some cases, you may be required to collect your parcel from the local office in person.

If you collect your parcel in this way, kindly let us know.

2) Please check the delivery deadline we set for each package below.
Tracking/reference number Shipping date Delivery deadline
2MA270053201000931504 Nov 28, 2017 Dec 18, 2017
2MA270709801000931508 Nov 30, 2017 Dec 20, 2017

Once we receive all the above details, we will offer you a solution for your case upon the delivery deadline.

The Holiday season is coming and we wish you receive your item(s) on time.

However, kindly note that this is peak season for the local post offices and shipping companies that may face a backlog with deliveries. We therefore warmly remind you to expect some delays during this time.

There may be delays before the tracking information is updated online as well.

Santa Claus has also informed us that he too is overwhelmed this time of year and might be delivering some presents a little late.

We thank you very much for your understanding and support.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your order. We will always do our best to help you.

Christmas wishes from Gearbest

Gearbest Customer Service At12/14/2017 20:13:37
Please read what I wrote on my ticket. I received my package W1711270254394185 but “ONE ITEM IS MISSING from the package” the missing item number is ” USB Light Keychain 6 x 5730SMD LED Lamp - 5PCS WARM WHITE LIGHT ” I ordered 3 items and only 2 items were in the package…

If you reply with check my post office or my garden or to wait longer, I will lodge a paypal dispute.

Thank you.

Similar thing happened to me…

Ordered a bunch of items. Gearbest had not informed beforehand that those items will be shipped in 2 packages.

The first one arrived. I submitted a ticket about the remaining 3 missing items.
Then they informed me the 3 missing items will be sent in a later date. (They did NOT inform ahead of time about splitting the order). I’m in no hurry, so I just waited.

About a couple of weeks later, the package with the 3 missing items arrived.
BUT only 2 items arrived, the 3rd item (actually, it’s just a $1 add-on item) is NOT inside, though it is listed in the package receipt listing.

So I submitted another ticket, they told me to take pictures of the box from different angles (which I did), and whether the package box shows signs of damage. The box didn’t seem to have been opened or damaged when I got it. So my only guess is that the $1 missing item, which is a very small item, maybe got dislodged while packing the box up for shipment.

After about 3 messages back and forth, there doesn’t seem to be a resolution (told me to check if any family members receive the package, etc…) I received the package unopened and undamaged — the missing item just was NOT inside the package.

I know the missing item just had a $1 price (flash sale), but still if something is missing… it would be nice to resolve the issue rather than asking a bunch of not-that-useful questions…

Hmm. I’m not familiar with how to place a PayPal dispute, but thanks for pointing out.


However, my first package included a defective UT01 flashlight, which I have meant to give as a gift — it does NOT work. After literally many hours, I’m able to sort of make it work intermittently, but the “fix” is not permanent, and surely the UT01 flashlight CANNOT be given away anymore as a gift with the “unpresentable workaround” I did, plus it still works intermittently only… Again, no resolution on this one, I have submitted the issue twice already with no resolution in sight… That was about a couple of weeks ago already…

This is automatic bot`s answer you received.
Just reply with your first message. Second time (may be third or tenth :sunglasses: somebody alive will answer you. And this answer will have the Sense I hope)
Will be good for you to have some evidence that there were less than ordered: video of unpacking, photo of package, screens of tracking with less weight etc.
Good luck!

In the Paypal email, click the transaction number and then click Help(?) in the Paypal page. (Click away until you get the page to file disputes.)

Does that excuse GB say anything?
No substantiation needed?

How about demand GB videos showing all items are packed?

“How about demand GB videos showing all items are packed?”

I like this idea, :+1: BLightSam.

I never even talk to them, I don’t know why people do.
Just open a Paypal claim and let them deal with it. If you shopped with a credit card call them - talking to Gearbest is always a waste of my time.

It`s good idea. But I`m not sure this will help to resolve a problem.
I see two ways:

  1. Resolve a problem with GearBest directly.
  2. Open dispute with PayPal.
    In my opinion the best to use both.

The Gearbest of the GB Deals advises to contact GB CS as if that will solve the issue. I did and got the auto response that I would get responded to within 24 hours. Nothing came thru even after 3 days. So I filed dispute with PayPal.

The first response from GB was chiding me for not contacting GB CS before filing dispute. So I showed the GB email with the 24-hour promise. No response to that. I escalated the dispute (but then cancelled it as the item was finally delivered after 7+ weeks).

Definitely not a pleasant experience.

Ok, but does this work, since my single PayPal order consists of several items, I’m only disputing the defective item, which is a fraction of the entire amount? Is that possible on PayPal (partial amount, not the entire amount)?

I dont get why I sign in, click view tickets and I have to sign in again, ridiculous. then they took 2 weeks before they shipped an item I did not get yet and use the shipping date, not my order date as the starting point of delivery window, ugh.

Same happens to me regularly as well. Very annoying. :smiling_imp:

Since you are filing a dispute with PayPal, go by the PayPal transaction number, and then spell out your issues in the dispute detail (?). In there give the BG item number for the item you have issues. GB should be able to pinpoint the item with issues.

I am done with Gearbest.It is great until you do not receive an item and then you enter a customer service Nightmare.Their ticket system does not function due to technical glitches that prevent me from viewing my tickets.They repeatedly send links that do not allow you to access your tickets.It does not matter what you say you will not receive customer service. Plan on filing a PayPal dispute to recover your money for items not received. I have experienced multiple episodes of shocking incompetence from Gearbest customer service and will no longer order from them because the lack of working customer service negates any benefit you accrue from the low prices.

In defense of Gearbest, I had a problem a few months ago and hlKARlnoob here suggested to pm the GB rep here on BLF. The rep was great and right away got things going and solved. First line of action would be to try and solve it through gearbest support and if that goes nowhere, the rep here can take over. Hard to not order from them when they have so many good deals! GB rep is CSgearbest

I have filed a PayPal dispute after at least 20 electronic interactions about the Convoy not received have not resulted in any resolution of the problem. If it is possible to speak to a CS that is on BLF I will do so in the future.

Gearbest Customer Service is now telling me that if you do not receive an item,a Convoy S2 in this case you only receive a 50% refund after going through a refund process going after the shipper.The agent,Sally says because I did not purchase shipping insurance I will not receive a full refund.I thought the members of BLF should know this is the Gearbest policy according to CS agent Sally.

It may be a policy, but I have just received two full refunds from Gearbest for items not delivered. I did not purchase insurance, nor did I pay for tracking on registered post. I do however have a long history of acknowledging receipt of packages, and giving good reviews when satisfied. These are the only 2 Items I did not receive from Gearbest in a total of 70 items ordered.

See feedback from Gearbest:-

That is the way I have been treated in the past.The CS rep.said today that as a “good customer”I would receive a 50% refund after sending them a long list of information they already have.I guess I am a good customer because I have made over 75 orders.

Just file a paypal dispute. They are required by law to deliver in full. Insurance is their problem, not yours. You wouldn’t be able to claim it anyway since you’re not the shipper. Oh, and don’t close the PP dispute before you are fully refunded, since the dispute will close automatically when you are refunded.