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Good news! The long-awaited Nitecore Concept 2 flashlight has been sold on GearVita now. After a long period of research, test and development, Nitecore has launched this futuristic ultra-bright palm-sized flashlight. Now we will give you a big discount that is definitely not available on other websites. With limited time, hurry up and grab purchase!

$35 Discount + Free Shipping Coupon Code: NC2FGV
Coupon Price: $160.95
Coupon Time: July 12 - July 20
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The Concept 2 strikes a balance of output, size and features by its innovative and user-friendly design, excellent technique and significant performance. It utilizes 4 CREE XHP35 HD LEDs with a max output of up to 6500 lumens. Integrated USB charging port for 12V quick charge. Built-in 4 3100mAh IMR batteries with high discharging rate, enabling the runtime reaches up 6 hours and 30 minutes in the high mode of 1000 lumens. The runtime of ultralow mode can last 2000 hours.

User-friendly switch provides easy and convenient operation for accessing 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes quickly. For tactical use, Turbo mode can be accessed instantly anytime and anywhere. In addition, lockout mode is designed to prevent light from accidental activation.

As a military grade product, the tube of the Concept 2 is CNC machined from an aerospace aluminum, featuring lightweight, solidity and excellent heat dissipation. With incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation module, the Concept 2 regulates its outputs and adapts to the ambient environment, maintaining optimal performance. The Concept 2 will be your ultimate tool for tactical use, search and self-defense.

Product Features:
● Futuristic, compact design fits in the palm of your hand for comfort and ease-of-use.
● CNC-machined tube is lightweight yet durable and long-lasting.
● Built-in 12400mAh battery pack offers a high discharge rate to deliver the impressive Turbo output for 30 minutes.
● Single switch design controls all 5 outputs and 3 special modes for a simple, easy-to-use interface.
● Intelligent memory function returns the to last-used output for convenience.
● Crystal coating technology with Precision Digital Optics Technology improves beam throw.
● Power indicator light displays the remaining battery power to prevent being left in the dark.
● Ultra-clear mineral glass lens with anti-reflective coating won't scratch easily, making it perfect for use outdoors.
● Aero-grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military-grade hard-anodized finish withstands everyday use.

The Acebeam X80 Series has evolved and the Acebeam X80 GT flashlight now features an amazing 32500 lumen output that is achieved by squeezing a total of 18 Cree XHP50.2 LED’s into the same sized frame as the original X80 model. There are 7 different lumen output settings to ensure you will always have the right amount of light for your situation. Built for the outdoors and ready to work, the X80GT is perfect for search & rescue, military, security and hunting applications. Waterproof to 30m and shockproof, this is a game changer that is pushing high output LED technology into the future.

Buy it with the coupon code "ABX80GTF" on GearVita before Aug 1st, then you can enjoy $40 discount and free shipping and get it with a lowest price that you can't find anywhere else. If this is very attractive to you, then go check it out:

Product Features:
● Max:32500 lumens output through 4x18650 3100 mAh Acebeam high drain rechargeable batteries
● Low: 200lms, 34 hours;
● Med1:1000lms, 7 hours/Med2: 2000lms, 3.5 hours/Med3: 4000lms, 1.7 hours;
● High: 8000lms-4000lms, 4 minutes - 1.5 hours;
● Turbo: 2 minutes - 1.6 hours;
● Turbo Max: 32500lms-4000lms, 1 minute - 1.7 hours;
● Strobe: 4000lms, 3.4 hours;
● Underwater 30 meters (The X80 GT is the most durable flashlight still produced by Acebeam, Able to survive accidentally by immersion to extreme depths of up to 30 meters! However it is not a diving light, And it should not be activated or out of the water.);
● Air-grade aluminum body structure;
● Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish;
● Ultra Clear Tempered Glass lens with antireflective coating, which achieves 98.3% light transmission;
● Stroboscopic mode for tactical and emergency use;
● Smooth reflector for maximum light output;
● Be highly focused for maximum distance;
● Tactical work for firm grip;
● Aerodynamic body design;
● Intelligent circuit board design highly efficient for maximum performance and long runtime;
● Light output controlled by intelligent temperature for user safety;
● Specially designed for the army, law enforcement, self defense, hunting, search and rescue, and outdoor activities.

Xiaomi philips zhirui bedside lamp is friendly to your eyes, allowing you to enjoy a stunning 360 degrees light show, perfectly fits your mood and surroundings. Stepless rotating dimming brings a variety of dynamic atmosphere light. It can also be controlled by the mobile phone APP. USB type-C power supply makes it easy and convenient to use.

GearVita Coupon code for $10 discount: MIPLZRBL
Coupon Price: $57.99
Coupon Time: July 18 - July 31
Product Link:

Product Features:
● Promise rotation dimming
Rotatable shade design allows adjusting brightness with heart.
● Variety of dynamic atmosphere light
- Let the light of the relaxed and comfortable green atmosphere accompany you. Get another cup of tea and chat with your friends.
- The affection moments of the family together make the warm orange-yellow atmosphere lamp give the whole family a comfortable and warm feeling.
- Pink symbolizes dreams and romance, giving people a sweet sense of well-being and creating an exclusive time for two.
- Personal yoga moments allow quiet blue help to enter meditation.
● APP smart control
Wi-Fi+Bluetooth dual-mode chip, access APP to achieve wireless control and smart home linkage, both Bluetooth gateway function.
● Intimate mobile reading mode
- Looking at the phone before going to bed at night to protect the eyes, the bedside light not only has a night light mode but also adds a mobile / computer mode.
- It is suitable for screen reading, giving the screen reading before bedtime a comfortable background.
● USB Type-C Power Supply
Powered by USB type-C interface, connect the lamp to power bank or other power supply, easy and convenient to use.
● WiFi IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz
● Bluetooth version: 4.2

Acebeam EC65 flashlight is a new take on an EDC sized flashlight the utilises 4x LEDs and a TIR optical lens to provide an outstandingly versatile beam pattern that is available in 2 different models to suit a variety of users. Adding to the versatility is the option to use 21700, 18650 or CR123A batteries. CREE - 4x XHP35 HI LEDs and a smooth TIR lens. Ranging from 20 to 4000 lumens with a 258 metre beam distance. NICHIA - 4x 90+ CRI LEDs with an orange peel TIR lens. Ranging from 20 to 2500 lumens with a 206 metre beam distance. The Side switch ensures quick and easy access to all available lighting modes and the USB-C charging system means you can charge up to 3x faster than older Micro USB models. A Li-ion 21700 battery rated at 5100mAh capacity is included to provide optimal runtimes.

$10 discount and free shipping coupon code of GearVita: ABEC65F
Coupon price: $114.99
Coupon time: July 18 - July 31
Product link:

Option 1:
● 4 * XHP35 HI LEDs
● Smooth TIR lens
● Max Output 4000 lumens
● Powered by 1*21700 5100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery (included)
Firefly: 20 lms, 4 days;
Low: 300 lms, 8.6 hours;
Mid: 650 lms, 3.7 hours;
High: 2000- 900 lms, 4 mins + 133 mins;
Turbo: 4000 - 900 lms, 1 min + 138 mins;
● Max beam throw: 258 meters
● Peak beam intensity 16600cd

Option 2:
● 4 * Nichia 90+ CRI LEDs
● Orange peel TIR lens
● Max Output 2500 lumens
● Powered by 1*21700 5100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery (included)
Firefly: 20 lms, 4 days;
Low: 250 lms, 7.8 hours;
Mid: 500 lms, 3.2 hours;
High: 1400 - 700 lms, 4 mins + 149 mins;
Turbo: 2500 - 700 lms, 1 min + 151 mins;
● Max beam throw: 206 meters
● Peak beam intensity 10600cd

Both options:
● Impact resistant: 1.2meters
● Waterproof: under water 5 meters
● Size:114.5mm (Length)*30mm (Head dia.)*27mm (Tube dia.)
● Weight: 82g (without battery)
● Carclo TIR Lens: product highly efficient optics with a hug variety of beam shapes

Product Features:
● Type-C USB rechargeable port for fast charging.
● Being capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to use in "candle mode".
● Digitally regulated output- maintains constant brightness.
● Side switch on the body.
● Over-heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface.
● Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium.
● Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.
● Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
● Excellent knurling on the canister for firm grip.

Wuben A21 flashlight is a Built-in USB Type-C Fast Charging Port Powerful Rechargeable Flashlight with a maximum output of 4200 lumens. a beam range up to 222 meters. well-operated with gloves side switch. come with a 21700 4800mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery to provide optimal runtimes.

$15 discount and free shipping coupon code of GearVita: WUBENA21
Coupon price: $130.99
Coupon time: July 18 - July 31
Product link:

Product Features:
● Wuben A21 is the brightest pocket size rechargeable flashlight, utilized CREE XHP70.2 LED, max output 4200 Lumens. compact and lightweight, suitable for everyday carrying
● Built-in a fast charging USB Type-C port, Direct charging the flashlight by use your phone charger adapter, Car Charger, Computer USB Port or Power Bank. Waterproof to IP68 Rated for use in heavy rain day and other extreme conditions
● Large battery capacity is required for high lumens flashlights to maintain long times lighting, but need to be compact and lightweight for everyday carrying. Wuben A21 is the best choice. come with a real 4800mAh rechargeable Li-ion 21700 battery to provide optimal runtimes.
● 5 Brightness Modes or Continuous Output Levels Selection: To Select Other Output Brightness to Satisfy Lighting Demand of Other Scenarios. Press and Hold W Switch to Adjust Brightness Depend on Your Need.

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The Fenix BC30R Bike Light won the ISPO (Asia) Award Gold Winner in 2015 so bike enthusiasts recognize the beauty of this new biking torch. As recognized by ISPO: "BC30R is the first Fenix light employing OLED display screen, which can display the rest runtime of the current output level and the battery percentage clearly, as the riders not only need comfortable lighting effect but also need to get to know the remaining runtime whether it is mountain biking or urban utility.”

The Fenix BC30R is for rugged conditions and features the industry's first digital display screen for confidence in your runtime readings. This micro USB charging bike light has a maximum of 20 hours of runtime. If you are a cyclist, there is no better bike light for you.

$10 discount and free shipping coupon code of GearVita: FNBC30RBL
Coupon price: $116.99
Coupon time: July 19 - July 31
Product link:

Product Features:
● OLED digital display panel for remaining runtime at the current output and battery percentage.
● Remote pressure switch activates momentary on 1800 lumens.
● Dual Distance Beam System.
● Features low power warning and intelligent output downshift function.
● Quick-release handlebar mount for easy and secure adjustment of lights direction.
● Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness.
● All-metal housing for better heat dissipation.
● IP66 rated protection:
- Dustproof - Totally protected against dust and foreign objects.
- Waterproof - Can withstand heavy rain and splashing.

Flexible Power Application with Carry-on Convenience! The Fenix BC21R Bike Light is an integrated yet versatile bike light which delivers a maximum 880-lumen neutral white light. The BC21R features four output modes plus flash to enhance your cycling activities. The built-in side red light assists in riding safety. The quick-release bike mount makes it easier to mount or dismount the light. Because the Fenix BC21R is powered by one standard 18650 rechargeable battery or two non-rechargeable CR123 battery, you can easily dismount the light, change the batteries, then continue on those long rights. This well-designed bike light goes anywhere for any activity. Perfect for road racing, bicycle riding, and urban commuting.

Free shipping coupon code of GearVita: FNBC21RBL
Coupon price: $71.99
Coupon time: July 20 - July 31
Product link:

Product Features:
● Uses one Cree XM-L2 T6 neutral white LED with better color rendition.
● Powered by one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two CR123A Lithium batteries.
● Optimized Dual Distance Beam System.
● Micro USB direct charging.
● Built-in over-charge, over-discharge protection.
● Battery Level Indication.
● Low power warning reminds when battery replacement needed.
● Over-heat protection to avoid high temperature of the surface.
● New-type quick-release bike mount for easy and secure adjustment of the lighting direction.
● Four brightness levels and one flashing mode.
● Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness.
● Made of aluminum alloy with excellent heat dissipation design.
● Waterproof to IPX-6 standard.

The Fenix BC30 Bike Light includes a maximum of 1800 lumens and a maximum runtime of 20 hours. The Cree XM-L2 neutral white LED's on the Fenix BC30 produce a maximum beam distance of 557 feet when on the 1800 lumen burst mode. The remote pressure switch included will quickly and easily access the burst mode. The Fenix BC30 runs off either two 18650 batteries or another option would be four CR123A batteries.

$10 discount and free shipping coupon code of GearVita: FNBC30BL
Coupon price: $85.99
Coupon time: July 20 - July 31
Product link:

Product Features:
● Utilizes two Cree XM-L2 T6 neutral white LEDs, max 1800-lumen output.
● Instant burst activation with the remote pressure switch.
● dual distance beam system.
● 4 brightness levels plus warning mode.
● Digitally regulated output – maintains constant brightness.
● Quick attach and detach handlebar mount sized for.
● 22mm-35mm handlebars.
● Easy, secure adjustment of the lighting direction.
● Made of aluminum alloy and quality plastic.

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The Olight M2T Warrior flashlight, based off the groundbreaking M2R model is a dual switch LED tactical flashlight equipped with an XHP35 HD CW LED powered by a single 18650 or two CR123A delivering an output range of 1 to 1,200 lumens. This light features a silent and compact tail switch for easy operation. Users can have momentary ON, ON/OFF switching, and momentary strobe all through pressing the tail switch using different pressure. The side switch features a similar operation as the extremely popular OLIGHT S series flashlights for standard carry. With a lanyard hole, dual direction pocket clip, and holster, the M2T Warrior is the perfect light for anyone looking for an easy to operate and high quality tactical flashlight.

$8 discount coupon code of GearVita: OLTM2TW
Coupon price: $59.88
Coupon time: July 23 - July 31
Product link:

Product Features:
● Hard anodized aluminum body is impact and water resistant.
● Ergonomic knurling provides secure grip even while wearing gloves.
● Orange peel textured reflector ensures even beam spread.
● Crenulated bezel can be used to break glass or for self defense.
● Dual switch interface for multiple operation methods.
- Tailcap Switch - Used to turn light ON/OFF. Allows for momentary on and momentary strobe.
- Side Switch - Used to switch between all 6 outputs. Doubles as a low power indicator.
● Beam dims after 3 minutes in Turbo Mode to prevent overheating.
● Rapid strobe frequency flashes 13 times per second (normal strobe only does 10).
● Lock out function helps prevent accidental activation.
● CE and RoHS Certified.

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The Olight I3T EOS flashlight is a slim tail switch flashlight powered by a single AAA battery with a max output of 180 lumens. It is equipped with an excellent LED paired with a TIR optic lens producing a soft and balanced beam. It is also equipped with a dual direction pocket clip for multiple carrying options such as a pocket or backpack strap. It is really an incredibly convenient illumination experience to take with you everywhere.

Product Features:
● Powered by a convenient and widely available single AAA battery producing an output of 180 lumens
● The I3T is equipped with a TIR optic lens producing a soft and balanced beam for comfortable use.
● Highly integrated tail switch: The user can operate momentary on and quick mode shifting (5/180 lumens) all through a convenient tail switch.
● Super easy carry: Barely know it is there with its lightweight and slender form factor. The dual direction pocket clip makes the I3T even more convenient for carrying in a pocket or attaching to a hat or strap.
● Double helix body knurling for unique style and solid grip.

Buy it on GearVita now:

The Olight M1T Raider flashlight has unique body knurling. Dense double helix knurling pattern combines functionality and style. Premium beam quality. TIR optic produces a soft and balanced beam which is great for reading on low mode or any close-range illumination at night. Comfortable tail switch. Features an auxiliary spring hidden under the switch making operations smooth and crisp. Control the mode changing (5/500 lumens), momentary-on and constant ON/OFF all through single clicking this tail switch. Super convenient carrying. With a length no longer than the width of an adult palm, the concealed profile is perfect for backup duty. It comes with a dual direction pocket clip and lanyard for multiple carrying options, i.e. attach to pocket, backpack or belt.

Product Features:
● Compact Body for EDC
Did someone say everyday carry? The Olight M1T Raider is an EDC flashlight dream come true with its compact, 3.58" long body and ultra lightweight (1.76 oz without battery!) body. A cool white, Luminus SST40 LED enables a 500 lumen max output for searching, inspecting and illuminating tasks. Featuring dense double helix knurling along the body, the palm-sized flashlight is easy to hold and operate with or without gloves on.
● Tactical Style Tail Cap Controls
A single control button located on the tail cap of the M1T provides access to everything you need: ON/OFF, momentary output and mode switching. The M1T offers two modes for task-specific lighting. Choose Mode 1 for a 500 lumen beam when you need a lot of light or switch to Mode 2 for a 5 lumen beam ideal for up close tasks and night reading.
● Includes Everything You Need
To power the M1T, you'll need 1x CR123A battery (included) or 1x RCR123A battery for a rechargeable option. A full charge gives you up to 125 minutes of runtime on Mode 1 and up to 100 hours on Mode 2! The M1T also comes with everything you need to securely carry the flashlight including a lanyard and dual-direction pocket clip.

Check it on GearVita:

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The Olight I1R EOS flashlight is a tiny rechargeable LED keychain flashlight with dual output settings ranging from 5 to 130 lumens. It weighs only 12g and has an extraordinarily compact size. The I1R is built from strong aluminum alloy and features a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that charges through a Micro-USB port when the light head is unscrewed and removed. It features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED paired with a TIR optic lens producing a soft and balanced beam. Changing outputs (5/130 lumens) is simple just by twisting the light head. The I1R EOS is the perfect daily carry keychain flashlight with high output, convenient charging, and easy mode changing.

Product Features:
● Lightweight and Tiny. The entire light is slimmer than a pinky finger with the length shorter than a AAA battery and weight at only 0.42 oz/12g.
● Features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED paired with a TIR optic lens producing a soft and balanced beam.
● Rechargeable through a built-in Micro-USB charging port. Fully charged within 1 hour and 15 minutes.
● ON/OFF and output changes are controlled through twisting the flashlight head. Twist it slightly to turn it on at 5 lumens and a bit further for 130 lumens.

The Olight I1R EOS is probably the smallest flashlight that Olight has ever produced for the I Series (keychain). It is really tiny and portable, it can just hang on your keychain or pocket without taking up any space when you don't use it. Its ease of operation is also a advantage, all twisty activation of the light can be easily done with one hand. This keychain flashlight can bring you a lot of convenience when you walk alone in the night, buy this cheap flashlight on GearVita to illuminate your night road:

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A fistful of light - the all-new Acebeam K30 flashlight delivers an unprecedented blast of light from a package smaller than a regular energy drink! The latest CREE XHP70.2 LED pumps out a broad 5,200 lumen beam, ideally suited to security, adventure and emergency use. The proven single-button interface provides intuitive one-handed operation with instant access to all the major functions - even from the "off" position! Powered by three 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries sealed into a waterproof and impact resistant body, the K30 means you'll always have daylight in your grasp.

$5 discount and free shipping coupon code of GearVita: ABK30F
Coupon price: $106.78
Coupon time: July 27 - Aug 6
Product link:

Product Features:
● A CREE XHP 70.2 LED, maximum output of 5200lumens.
● Single-button side switch cycles through all the major functions even from the "off" position.
● Lock-out function to prevent accidental activation.
● Powered by three high capacity 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries with protection board.
● Sealed into a waterproof and impact resistant body.
● Stainless steel bezel provides protection from drops.
● Aircraft-grade aluminum body with anti-scratch type III hard anodizing.
● The K30 is the most durable flashlight yet produced by Acebeam, capable of surviving accidental immersion to extreme depths of up to 10metres! However it is not a diving light, and should not be turned on or off underwater.
● Strobe mode is for tactical and emergency use.
● Highly focused beam for maximum distance.
● Streamlined body design.
● Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long runtime.
● Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating,which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance.

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Acebeam UC15 flashlight is Acebeam's new keychain light, look cute and come in a range of colours, it is a serious tool from the makers of some of the brightest and best-made flashlights in the world. On the "high" setting the UC15 delivers a healthy 250 lumens using two AAA batteries, or an awe-inspiring 1000 lumens from two rechargeable 10440 lithium ion cells. Coupled with an 107-metre throw from the latest Cree XP-L or Nichia LEDs this is more than enough to read a street sign or light up a front yard. Better yet, the UC15 provides a "mid" setting of 82 lumens (200 lumens with lithium ion cells) and a "low" of 10 lumens, which is enough to read a map or find your way to the bathroom, and it can maintain this output throughout the longest night! Simple and intuitive operation, a low-battery-warning indicator, IP54 sealing and rubber switch and keyring connectors combine to make this the gift that keeps giving - for yourself or anyone else!

Product Features:
● With 10440 Li-ion batteries: 10/200/1000 lumens
● With AAA alkaline batteries: 10/82/250 lumens
● Runtime: 47 minutes - 19 hours (10440), 1.1 - 14 hours (AAA)
● Cree XP-L2 high-density white LED
● Cree XPE-R2 630nm red LED
● Nichia 276A 365nm UV LED
● Anti-reflective coated glass
● Battery level indicator
● Aluminum housing with Type III hard anodized finish
● IP54-rated, dust and spray resistant
● Clip for pocket or cap brim
● Stainless-steel key ring loop

Pick one up in your choice of 4 colors with the price of $47.88 on GearVita link below:

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The Wuben TO40R flashlight is a USB rechargeable outdoor series flashlight used best in camping, outdoor activities, and security. It projects a bright focused spot beam, it's lightweight and compact with a max output of 1 200 lumen and a maximum beam distance of 220 meters.

● Easy to Carry Outdoor Flashlight
The WUBEN TO40R Flashlight is a portable LED outdoor flashlight equipped with an CREE XPL2 LED powered by 1*18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery delivering an output range of 1 to 1,200 lumens.
● Quick Access to Turbo and Strobe, 5 Brightness Mode
When flashlight on, long press W switch one second flashlight will be in Strobe. Long press 3 seconds for SOS, single click to return to last used normal mode. The brightness mode from Moon-Low-Med-High-Turbo. It has memory function.
● Robust Body Construction
High-strength aerospace aluminum body; Aluminum alloy vacuum plating smooth reflective cup; Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability.
● Advanced Temperature Regulation
(ATR) technology; Thermoelectric separation copper substrate for better heat dissipation, with the digitally regulated output, the brightness stays constant.
● Enhanced Comfortable User Experience
Screwing the tail cap on or off is even easier due to increased friction of the tail cap knurling. Slim head design, detachable pocket clip for both carry directions, and lanyard hole for an enhanced and comfortable user experience.
● Easy Operate and High Quality
The TO40R is the perfect light for anyone looking for an easy to operate and high quality flashlight. Fit in any outdoor and indoor activity.

Brightness Mode:
● Turbo: 1200Lumens - 1.7h
● High: 600 Lumens - 3.5h
● Med: 200 Lumens - 7h
● Low: 40 Lumens - 56h
● Moon : 8 Lumens - 125h

Product Features:
● Utilizes CREE XPL2 LED with 100,000 hours lifespan,
● Powered by 1*18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
● Max output up to 1200 Lumens
● Max beam distance up to 220 meters
● Max runtime up to 125 hours
● Micro-USB charging
● Dual Side e-switch lockout function, more convenient for using
● One press to Turbo and Strobe
● Remaining battery power display
● Aluminum alloy vacuum plating smooth reflective cup
● Thermoelectric separation copper substrate for better heat dissipation
● Advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology
● Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
● Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion
● High-strength aerospace aluminum body
● Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability
● Impact resistance 1.5 meters
● Waterproof level IPX8

Wuben TO40R is a portable flashlight special for outdoor activity, bring it, you no longer have to worry about your night travel. Check the details on GearVita:

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Wuben TO46R flashlight is a multi-function flashlight for outdoor shooting and outdoor sports. Equipped with 3* CREE XPG-S3 LED, high CRI, realistic restore color. Max output up to 1300 Lumens and a max beam distance of 135 metres. Press the switch on both sides, easy to achieve a very bright and a key burst flash. Power supply part of a 18650 battery with built-in charging design, the use of more convenient.

$5 discount and free shipping coupon code of GearVita: WBTO46R
Coupon price: $44.99
Coupon time: Aug 1 - Aug 9
Product link:

Product Features:
● Wuben Advantage
Wuben focuses on R & D of tactical flashlight for 36 years, serving global users 100million +, under the ANSI World standard, recognized by the military industry with excellent feedback!
● High Light
Uses 3 * CREE XP-G3 High 90CRI LED. Powered by 1 * 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, Micro-USB charging. LED XP-G3 High color, Color fidelity reduction. As used for the night light of night photography
● 5 Light Modes
Wuben T046R Tactical Lamp with 5 modes-Bright (1300 lumen) -High brightness (604LM) -Means (200LM) -Bas (38LM) -Lune (7LM). Maximum power up to 1300 Lumens, maximum beam distance up to 135 meters, maximum life up to 125 hours
● Balanced Heat Dissipation
Lateral Double Latch Lock Function, Turbo and Strobe Pressure, Remaining Battery Power Display, Ultra-Clear Carclo Optics Creates a Smooth and Optimized Bundle, a Separate Thermoelectric Copper Substrate for better heat dissipation.
● Lamp IPX8 Waterproof
Waterproof torch light with IPX8 can be used in rain and up to 2 meters underwater. Shock resistance 1.5 meters Level. Perfect for your outdoor outings such as fishing, camping, exploring, hiking, and also ideal for home use.

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The Nitecore EC23 Flashlight is a high performance compact flashlight utilizing a CREE XHP35 HD E2 LED to emit a scorching 1800 lumen output. One of the brightest flashlights of its size, the lightweight and compact EC23 can be easily stored in pockets, packs or bags for quick access to light anywhere you go. Powered by a single IMR 18650 battery, the EC23 has a max runtime of 330 hours and a max beam intensity of 16,200 making it perfect for outdoor use and everyday carry.

An innovative all-in-one control switch located on the side of the flashlight allows easy one-handed operation of five brightness levels and three special modes. The addition of a tailstand provides the ability to light up an area and frees up hands for working or maneuvering. A combination of features such as Advanced Temperature Regulation which regulates output and adapts to the ambient environment and an IPX8 rating ensure the EC23 is a premium EDC flashlight for all-weather applications.

$5 discount and free shipping coupon code of GearVita: NTEC23F
Coupon price: $47.99
Coupon time: Aug 2 - Aug 20
Product link:

Product Features:
● Utilizes a CREE XHP35 HD E2 LED.
● Maximum output of up to 1800 lumens.
● Integrated "Precision Digital Optics Technology" provides extreme reflector performance.
● Boasts a peak beam intensity of 16200cd and a throw distance of up to 255 meters.
● Innovative single button offers access to 5 brightness level and 3 modes.
● High efficiency constant current circuit board provides max running time of 330h.
● Integrated power indicator light displays remaining battery power and voltage.
● Reverse polarity protection prevents damage from incorrectly inserted batteries.
● Optics lens with anti-reflective coating.
● Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish.
● Waterproof in accordance to IPX-8 ( two meters submersible ) and impact resistant to 1.5 meters.
● Tail stand capability.

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The Klarus XT1A flashlight is back and is better than ever! This handheld lighting tool was originally available as a 1xAA light with a maximum output of 180 lumens. The new-and-improved Klarus XT1A has been rejuvenated and redesigned to deliver an even brighter output of 1000 lumens. This compact EDC flashlight is now compatible with the more powerful Li-ion 14500 battery and also includes the latest in develop of High Definition Cree LEDs with the XP-L lamp. Put these two features together to create a 1000-lumen flashlight that is small enough to carry with you everywhere, yet powerful enough to illuminate your campsite with ease.

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Coupon price: $43.88
Coupon time: Aug 6 - Aug 16
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Product Features:
● Tactical EDC flashlight, compact and lightweight.
● CREE XP-L HD V6 LED, with optimized design high efficiency drive circuit. Max output up to 1000 lumens, exceeding the current industry standard.
● Easy interface: One Touch Strobe, One Touch Turbo, One Touch Low, SOS.
● Includes Intelligent Battery Capacity Indicator, Thermal Protection System, and Quick Settings Switch.
● Patented Tactical Tail-cap Dual-Switch Control; non-visual tactile one-handed operation with intuitive control for low-light operation.
● 14500 Li-ion battery with Micro-USB port included, easy and fast charging. XT1A is compatible with all AA batteries.
● Two interfaces: Tactical Setting; Outdoor Setting.

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Klarus XT12GT flashlight, one of the the Klarus's XT series flashlights, has been developed with tactical use and self-defense in mind, is a precision-engineered illumination tool. Featuring 1600Lm impressive output and 603m exceptionally long-range throw, it is one of the most powerful tactical lights on the market today! Additionally, the XT12GT employs an innovative magnetic charging connector, which doubles as charging connector and keychain light. The patented dual tail switch design gives you full control over the light, allowing fast mode change - instant access to Turbo, Low, Strobe or SOS from any mode. This makes it an incredibly effective tactical torch for daily and emergency use.

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Coupon price: $79.99
Coupon time: Aug 7 - Aug 16
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Product Features:
● Body crafted from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy with hard-anodised finish.
● Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens with anti-corrosion coating.
● Stainless steel strike bezel used to break glass, as a self defense tool.
● Dual tactical switch interface can be operated using just one hand.
▹ Primary switch: used to turn the light ON/OFF. While light is OFF, can be lightly pressed to temporarily access Turbo mode.
▹ Mode switch: While light is ON, used to cycle through outputs. While light is OFF, used to temporarily access either Low mode or Strobe mode.
● Features a pair of programmable settings for multi-purpose use.
▹ Tactical setting - access to Turbo, High, and Low modes, temporary access to Strobe mode.
▹ Outdoor setting - access to Turbo, High, Medium, Low, and S.O.S. modes, temporary access to Low mode.
● Can be recharged internally using the one-of-a-kind magnetic charging connector.
▹ Plug micro-USB cord into connector and attach connector to light's magnetic. charging surface to charge the light (only when equipped with a 18650 battery).
▹ Connector also functions as a 10 Lumen keylight.
● LED power indicator ring around charging surface displays battery's remaining charge.
● ITS temperature control and heat-dissipating fins help prevent overheating.
● Springs at bezel and tail help prevent damage from impacts, drops.

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