geriatric alert

On Nov 30, 2012 and Dec 3,2012 I placed orders at Within a couple of days, I received email confirmation that the items were shipped. Fast forward ~30 days. I kind of remembered ordering something… but no delivery!

Here’s the deal. If you are old like I am, I see two issues with ordering from

1. You will have forgotten that you ordered it by the time it gets delivered. Note that this could be a plus if you like surprises.

2. You might be dead before delivery.

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

ps. I ordered a Romisen RC-29 and some trustfire 14500’s

maybe they will be delivered today!

haha…I ordered batteries from DX…they shipped Nov 26…just got em yesterday.

guess u should have them in 4 or 5 more WORKING days. :open_mouth:

how many days do they work over there? im hoping their schedule isnt the same as my work schedule since being laid off :stuck_out_tongue:
im 27, and my order from int-outdoors took about 14 days i think… i forgot about it by the time it got here

thats why you keep buying stuff…you’ll have little fun surprises showing up in the mail every few days

I ordered three buck drivers from DX on Nov. 23. Received them today, Jan. 3.

And yeah, I had forgotten about them. Now to remember why I bought them. :~


Bought some stuff from DX in october, was sent 4th of November, arrived - today! :slight_smile:

I like DX but they lie about shipping dates…


An item that had ‘full shipment’ status on December 4th was delivered to my address on January 2 BUT the post office stamp on the envelope was +December 16th.

Anyway, the fact that all my DX orders have been safely delivered, despite some unjustifiable delays, keeps me a loyal customer.

Well, I don’t plan on purchasing any stuff from DX and and any other backdoor vendor for a long long time. Not when FAST TECH has come upon the scene. They are FAST sure nuff. Most orders in less than a week to ten days max.

Still waiting here on a DX shipment, dispatched Nov. 20.

I wish I could forget.

Exactly what I think. :bigsmile:
It’s great opening a package that you don’t know what the hell you have ordered several weeks ago.

LOL! I like those little fun surprises :slight_smile:

i stopped trying to keep track

instead, I open my paypal at least once a week, look back at 35-45 days and see if I need to file any cases :slight_smile:

I received the batteries yesterday! Still waiting for the light.

I did send email ( replied to the shipping confirmation) to

received an error message saying the email could not be delivered.

continue waiting…

I ordered on Dec 8th received on Dec 27th, would have had it earlier if holidays weren’t around. Made another order Dec 26th so I’ll see how long that takes. They sent me a free c8 too. Maybe it’s just to sucker me in.