Ghetto Flashlight / Workshop Light Mk1

I had one of these from ebay; 10W 12V garden floodlight

Stuck it into some 3” drainage pipe…

With some recent laptop pull batteries, a switch and a volt meter…

And now have a workshop light that cost me next to nothing

I found an old 35mm projector, which yielded two condenser lenses…

And when I stick the bullseye one on the front the beam reaches a reasonable distance up the road, about 100yds or so.
The flatter one isn’t so good as a thrower, but is a reasonable compromise for area lighting.
I’ll put a clip around the front to secure a carry handle which will up and over the switch and meter, giving them some protection. Also, I’ll fit a simple shroud to the front of the lamp to protect the lens from bashing and banging in workshop use.
It also needs a foot attached to the front leg :slight_smile:

That's a heck of a.......something !

Bonus points awarded for creativity and material choices.

[slow clap]

Aha. Mk2, I’m looking at some MR16s sitting on my desk…
Might make a double light with lo/hi switching.

man thats almost waste of a switch - can put the last battery in or out of the holder for on or off!

That’s resourceful! :bigsmile: Thanks for sharing! How much did the LED module cost?

That’s not ghetto!

Where’s the duct tape?


The run time is approx 4.5hrs from 4.13V to 3.2V per cell, which surprises me and gives the lie to the claim of it being a 10W light - more like 5W. Still, it’s bright enough and the extra run time is actually a good thing for its intended use.

The LED light was about 10GBP, 16USD.
Duct tape is on its way - seems there’s a bottleneck caused by unexpected demand by modders.
I’ve added a handle that’s proper ghetto workshop.

I love that the LED module shows voltage but I’m concerned, if they are not protected cells, can one cell drain too low before the others, and yet the light will still function?

Ghetto? That’s some top quality work right there!
Casing, voltmeter, optics - it’s a full fledged product.

If you want to see ghetto, I present to you, my bedside reading light:

12V Lead-Acid Battery
.5W warm white led array (from eBay, I think intended for motorhome interiors)
Hot melt glue
Insulation Tape
Cat hair

I carry and use my (wonderful, then modded to be even-more-wonderful) Sunwayman V10R every day, but this light is actually the one that gets the most elapsed runtime!

Unfortunately I left the battery charger on ‘boost’ when I went out for a few hours, so now the sides have bulged out. The room had a smell of burning plastic when I came home…

Still years of use left, I reckon!


I checked cell voltages every hour, with that in mind and they all kept step nicely.
Given that all the cells I have are laptop scavenge and I’ve filtered out the obvious duds, I can’t be 100% sure of them yet, which is why the VM is there, and as I work my way through the various lots, I’ll be checking them for compliance of discharge.

Pete, that is beautiful in its simplicity and sheer rawness of purpose.

Farside, Nice work there buddy! I’ve been dying to implement a voltage monitor in one of my lights!) There is a cheap LiPO alarm with voltage meter selling at fasttech. It monitors votlage and alarms when the V of any cell drops below the threshold (my package is still incoming but I have an alarm only that goes off around 3.10V

(WRT ghetto lights, check this thread out. )

love the cat hair :smiley:

Know the problem - but it is dog hair here with an odd smattering of toothmarks from the Swamp Thing. He thinks everything can be improved with toothmarks in it. He keeps going into the Bag’O’Lights and fishing some out. Easily his favourite is the Trustfire TF-R2. No idea why though.

Excellent little device, I’ll order a couple of them, thanks.

’grief. There’s ugly, and then there’s uuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggly.

Love it farside. Can I order one the same except rig it up to run of those power point 5 volt poer supply thingys. I'll PM you my address. Thanks.