Gift for caving

My running coach is into caving. I’m sure he has a headlamp for that, but I thought I’d get everyone to chip in and get him a backup light for Christmas. He’ll probably never use it in caving, so it’ll probably see more use as a carry light in winter when it gets dark early. He’s not a flashaholic, so it should probably be a AA. On the other hand, a 18650 light plus a charger would make a nicer gift. Or maybe a 14500 light… I don’t know my flashlights well enough yet to decide.

I’m thinking that it should be mostly flood and pocketable or something that he could attach to his gym bag with a carabiner. A low light mode would be nice. His buddies probably have $100 cop/tactical lights, so it needs to look nice as well. I don’t want him to be embarrassed to show it to anyone. Our budget would be… oh, $50 or so, and that would include the cost of a couple of batteries and a charger. I’d need a charger recommendation as well.

If he’s into caving I’d get him a nice all purpose light. He definitely won’t be embarrassed to pull out a Solarforce L2P. If his caving buddies know jack squat about flashlights they wouldn’t poo poo an L2P.

You should be able to get a Solarforce L2P, inexpensive 2 or 3mode (don’t get strobe or sos) XP-G module, a pair of decent batteries, and budget charger for about $50.

Get him an Eloi. Preferably a pretty one. :wink:

Get a sturdy, truly waterproof, light that works on primary cells (lithium AAs are good).
Something that will not go off suddenly but rather dim into moonlight for a long time while wet and cold.

Why yes, I have used Prusik (ascending) knots to climb 100’ out of a vertical cave with muddy water running down the ropes, while holding a candle because the miner’s lamp was out of fuel, the flashlight was dead, and my buddy was in the same situation. We were young, it was glorious.

Enlan EL01 and a Xeno nw e03 a couple 14500's and a cheap charger ..If they laugh at his light he can stab them

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If it's a backup for caving you should get him another headlamp: handheld flashlights soon become mouthheld (i.e. annoying) flashlights when inside a cave.

I'd recommend the Fenix HL30. Very nice light as a backup for caving (even good light for running), all flood, easily modable to XM-L if you want more output (Obs: lower Vf! With an XM-L the light loses its low mode with new Alkakines or Lithium primaries until the voltage drops), not too big or too heavy for edc, reasonable runtime and good light-to-weight ratio IMHO. I also like the instant access to the red LED.

Drawbacks: Switches are rather small, maybe hard to use with thicker gloves/mittens (haven't tried yet). Has a parasitic drain, I don't remember exactly how many microAmps it was but definitively not so much that I worry about runtime influence, just not the right light if you want to keep it in a bag/in your car for the emergency which never occurs (or which occurs first after the batteries have died/leaked)

The best price I found for this is $41.51 (unfortunately at Manafont, link NOT provided :p )

Here’s a quick update. I now know he has a “couple” of headlamps… Petzls. I really like the headlamp you recommended, but I don’t think he needs another headlamp. I’ll see if I can find out a bit more about what light he wears. He’s also a runner and headlamps are great for that as well. …maybe I should get him a nicer headlamp than he has, but I don’t know what he has…

Still, I’m thinking this would be more of an everyday carry light that would be small enough he could also carry with him when caving. I’ve never been caving, but I can’t imagine that a caver could have too many backup lights. :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the other lights recommended here.

I’ve been looking at the Fenix LD10. It’s on sale at Amazon for $44. By the way, I can increase my budget to $70 or so, if that brings anything else into the equation.