girlfriends edc

Ok, I forget what set the conversation off, but the result was me explaining how a strobe mode can be used to incapacitate an assailant and demonstrating my point with my edc I built. Toni remarked that it may be handy to have something like that in her handbag when she went out.

This set me to planning an edc with an easy to access strobe.

Basic spec is:-

Should be fairly bright

Use cells I have already (basically, 18650)

Strobe should be easy to access without being there to annoy.

Fairly small (sub 150mm for arguments sake).

I’ve come up with this :-

It fits the bill in size, cell choice, UI. It says it uses 7135 regulation, so a couple more could presumably be added for more output. My first thought is do I go for nw or cw with regards to stunning someone?
Also, any other suggestions? I have actually handled one of these shadows and I liked it, also I figure the gold may appeal to a woman and I’m sure it took 3400mah cells too.

Thoughts please, I’m prepared to accept I may have to get a few lights before I find the one for her 0:) but I think this is a good start. Don’t worry about the lithium thing, I’ll be monitoring this as we do live together as a family, she’ll be a pure end user and none of my lights really suit this task.

I do think the electronic switch hold for on (in bag) then a quick double tap gives her the best chance, without sending her out with a can of mace, and all the issues that may entail.

The new Fenix PD32 with XML, has quick access to strobe, if its anything like a PD30 ? Not sure on the new UI now that there’s two buttons

EagleTac D25LC2 Clicky has easy access to strobe. Keep head tight, turn on for turbo, tap once for strobe.

Get her the Titanium Eagletac, after all she’s worth it :wink:

My girls have been inundated with dad’s quest for enlightenment. (pun intended)

they have settled out this way. my 20 year old is partial to the trustfire F20 as her usual carry along. AA batteries everywhere, unobtrusive and 11 bucks if she loses it. also has a solarforce L2T with high output single mode P60 drop in and moderate attack bezel next to her bed.

The 24 year old has a couple of trustfire R5-A3’s around that i give to her periodically. 14-15usd, i order them 3 or four at a time to give to people. High-low-strobe. AA. simple.

Surgical intensive care RN wife carries Thrunight T10 generally though uses a ultrafire RL-168 two mode for work because the (old edition) osram emitter low is good for checking pupils. these were a favorite of mine at around 13usd then they went up to 23-24usd and are sometimes three mode. seems different now, sad.

My experience is people will probably lose the lights you give them unless they are REALLY into it. dont make it personal, give something that is nice but you wont bum out when they say “what flashlight? oh, yeah. its around here somewhere…”, or you find under the seat of their car when you are cleaning it out.

history? two daughters, a wife, an ex and a mom. save yourself.

Fenix pd32, way to expensive for such poor output. Plus I she will prefer a side switch.

Eagletac, again, way too expensive, look at the title at the top of the forum. The shadow is half the price, looks nicer, side clicky, no irritating clip to have to remove.

The only other light I found comparable was this :-

Please note, I live in the UK, so all the prices on the links I add should be in pounds. We get shafted in either shipping, or UK based shops just remove the dollar sign, fit a pound sign and leave the numbers the same. :~

This doesn’t look too bad.
Option for XML, or XPG2, cheap, 18650, small and waterproof.

Doesn’t look too bad.

My gf have Xtar B01 with XM-L T4 7B and 1.5A 7135 driver.

My girlfriend got pink E01 and a wire keyring from me and that’s all.

Ah, my edc. :bigsmile: :wink: indeed it is very very good. I built mine from a host, emitter and driver I already had. It’s brilliant. Just its not got the UI I think would be better for her (electronic switch, double tap for strobe). Oh, the edc swallowed a keeppower 3400 cell last night, cell fussy, it is not.

The xtar wk35 is looking like a possibility in UI, just at nearly £50, she’d shove where the sun does not shine if she found out. :wink:

Actually, mulling this over today, a gold version of my edc would work, I’ve just tested it to be sure. I built mine with a u2 emitter and this driver:-

Briefly it has two mode groups, changed using the clicky. Hi mid low, hi mid low strobe SOS. It has mode memory that works.

Day to day, it could be set up hi mid low. Memory on her chosen setting (i use low tbh). When she’s going out, memory strobe.

Now when she hits the magic button, instant epilectic fit, it has a real aggressive strobe. I also have some 16mm u3 emitters.

Sorted, I get to do another build, she gets a nice robust little edc. :bigsmile: