GITD keychain light?

Any GITD keychain light around?

Not just a sticker, but the entire body made of GITD material.

I know I can just use some GITD paint on the regular lights, but I want something more durable (and possibly more fluorescent).

Cool keychain stuff

Well, most lights are aluminum so not sure how they would do glow in the dark. It is usually done by Tritium containers (high end), or GITD O-rings or GITD clickey switch.

I wouldnt see how this would work very well anyways...i mean... your keys are where? In your dark pocket. So how do they get charged up? On the way to work? Ok, but you cant expect them to keep glowing that NIGHT, 12 hours later after being in your dark pocket all day.

After having a keychain light for a while you will learn to easily find it and twist it to turn it on. (or click it I guess).

If you reallllly want it, look up Tritium vials and find a high end keychain light that accepts them. They use a small amount of radioactive material (yeah...) to provide perpetual light with no need for charging.

I mean photon-style keychain lights, they're plastic, I want it to be GITD plastic (Photon X-Light is actually similar to what I want, it's just too expensive at ~10$ : ).

I want them for blackouts, I'll simply hang them in visible places so they can charge from lamps/daylight, and easy to spot when there's blackout if I can make them glow in the dark. I don't like emergency lamps since they need to always be connected to power, and charging a battery constantly for months is a. expensive, b. dangerous (and I certainly don't want another thing to disconnect each time I'm leaving home; power here fluctuates a lot and I don't like leaving electrical appliances connected when they don't need to and when I am not home to keep an eye over them).

Oh, and I really don't want radioactive material in fragile vials near animals or clumsy me. :) (and I'm not even sure it's legal here in Israel)

Found some .

Thanks, I've seen them before, I think they are all DIY projects, which I'm trying to avoid but if I have to do it myself I'll probably just buy a small bottle of paint or some stickers, will be much easier than trying to mod the lights I have.

I found some GITD nail polish at DX for 2.5$, maybe it will work (although reviews say it is quite dim):

There's also some higher-end (I think) nail polish and paint, but they cost more than 4 times the DX stuff, don't think it's worth it for my needs.

Maybe I'll just attach GITD beads? Or put on a sticker.

Suddenly I have so many options. :)

Thanks for the link. That nail polish may be a cheap option for gun sights.

This is a cool GITD light that can be modded with an XP-G. I have a black one but need to track one of these down.

Have you ordered from them before?

No and they are out of stock. I just placed a link to the light.

I hope I can track one down new or used. These are great little lights.

Just noticed that is a pentagon light. They went out of business after they were sued by Surefire.

From Wikipedia:

"In April 2008 Surefire, LLC, sued PentagonLight for patent infringement and false advertising. The suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. SureFire's suit alleged that PentagonLight willfully infringed upon SureFire's U.S. Patent No. RE 40,125 relating to SureFire's patented lockout tailcap switch. The false advertising claim alleged that PentagonLight made false statements in its promotional materials indicating that its flashlights are "Made in USA."

In November 2008, a federal District Court imposed a ban prohibiting Pentagon Scientific Corp. from importing, making, using, offering for sale, or selling products that infringe on SureFire's lock-out tailcap patent. PentagonLight agreed to permanently cease all production and sales of flashlights, thus shutting down their company within a few months of the decision."

@Scaru: That stinks! I like Surefire lights, and have a few but I think they are highly overrated.

That's my opinion on them the only one I am interested in owning is the R1 Lawman. The rest really don't seem that great. The fact that they are suing other flashlight companies out of business makes me hesitant to purchase the Lawman.


No doubt. I have not bought any in a few years and don’t plan on it anytime soon.

The last one I modded was a U2 with a Cree MC-E. The one thing I hate the most is how hard they are to crack open. |(

(disclaimer) I am a Jenesis employee. I didn’t want my first post here to be quite so self-serving, but I thought this would at least be of some interest to the discussion

As joe1512 mentioned, most chemical-based glow in the dark options are going to have the how-does-it-charge-in-your-dark-pocket problem. There are in fact battery-powered alternatives that offer long enough battery life to compete with the infinitely rechargeability of GITD materials. Our patented Low Glow technology allows our Glowing Key Fob to glow continuously for over a year on one CR2032 coin cell. And unlike some LED key fobs, we’ve made it as easy as possible to change the battery.

We’ve been exploring the possibility of building a flashlight with this feature incorporated to make it easier to find in the dark. Hence my trolling of this forum and bumping into this thread. Not sure how everyone here feels about self promotion, so feel free to lay down the law if I’m out of line.

Welcome to the family, JenesisInt!

Thats a fun alternative to Tritium, thanks for posting JensisInt
Theyd be even cooler if you shipped to Canada :wink:

Actually, while we don’t ship to Canada ourselves at the moment, just recently started carrying our Glowing Key Fob , and they most certainly do ship to Canada.

If you pick one up I’d love to hear a flashlight enthusiasts opinion. My brother is actually the mechanical engineer behind the design and he’s starting to work on the second generation of the fob, so any feedback might actually get incorporated into the next iteration. And as I mentioned there’s the idea of incorporating the Low Glow feature into a full blown flashlight. The bosses have even batted around launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development and tooling costs.

Kickstarter is definitely a good idea. I have funded a number of projects and love the security of it.