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I have too many flashlights. Maybe you do too. I’m trying to “thin the herd” so that my wife will have less to deal with; I’m in a stuation similar to Old Lumens. Many of these lights would still be very useful to various charitable organizations for work after dark. But the market may not support what they should be worth, or maybe you just feel like being generous.
For example, I love the work of the “Hope For Paws” animal rescue. I’m going to donate a BLF GT70, complete with batteries and accesories to them… The do a lot of work at night and it may be useful them. I would value this more than the $150 or so I could sell it for.
The challenge is to do something similar for your favorite organization. I know nothing about write-offs, tax breaks etc…so I cannot assist you in any way like that - Just pick a charity and send them a light or two. You may want to contact them before you do, I don’t know anything about that either.
My only advice is to make sure they receive a supply of batteries sufficient to keep it going, a charger and DETAILED instructions on its use. Also I would hesitate to send any heavily modded or “Enthusiast Only” lights that get too hot, etc…nothing dangerous. For example I wouldn’t send a 26800 powered light unless it had onboard charging, things like that.
It would be interesting to see what goes where, maybe we can post that in this thread or elsewhere.
So just an insomnia-driven idea that I thought I would pass along, please feel free to add any ideas or advice - Good Nite Everyone

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I respect the idea behind it but I don’t see most muggles keeping up with a light they have to take the batteries out of and charge or one they couldn’t just run to the nearest corner stop and buy batteries real quick.
I’m not a fan of built in charging but I see a light with it getting far more use. I’m a vol firefighter and we have hard enough time getting guys to make sure lights are put back in the cradles enough they are charging, not just sitting in it not making contact. Nothing a bigger PITA than grabbing a light out of the truck cradle and it’s dead when you need it. I’d hate to see how things got lost or tossed if it came to having to swap and charge batteries.

Frankly I’d say sell the light and donate the money to them. If they need lights let them take the money and buy something more user grade. Let somebody that understands what the lights we like need have it. I really don’t think I would hand a gt70 to somebody that most likely used to a mag light at best.

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All true, practical wisdom. This particular donation is to a reasonably knowledgeable person who is excited to get it. I’ve given him a Tiny Monster previously and I will admit to feeling proud to see it it in a couple of his videos. He does all kinds of extreme rescues here and in other countries. And of course I am on their donation plan.
So yes you’re correct for about 80% of the time at least. And it was a pain med/insomnia idea. But I also have asked him if anyone else has a need that I can help with - and I just wanted to plant that seed. “Challenge” is perhaps too much. It’s mostly that I’m laid up in bed at the hospital and I’m so blessed to be receiving such super high quality treatment and can do so little to show my appreciation to Our Heavenly Father I feel a little “challenged” to find something I can do while I’m here.
Anyway again you’re correct and we should be selective about donations of this type. Thanks for your feedback!!

If you have a friend that understands and respects it then by all means donate it to him. My statement was just giving it away to some greenhorns.

As somebody that had to had 4 different operations over the course of a year I understand where ya comeing from. Hope ya back on your feet soon.

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That is exactly how I keep my herd thinned - our church has several volunteers, who often fall into 3 flashlight user categories - all of whom can make the most of the lights (LEOs, semi-retired engineers, and farmers - and many of the above are hunters as well). So, I match upgrades to someone case-by-case, and so far, it has worked out well. I do find myself buying new lights because I just know they “need” it… which I realize is irrational…

I don’t think it’s irrational, when I see sales I sometimes think a friend would like that - lucky that I have few friends at that level, and not a lot of money.
No it’s not irrational to be a good friend, I don’t think so anyway.