Give Away For Zeusray Review

Zeusray will offer below model for free to do review in writing and video


  • Solid Pill Zoomable CREE XM-L L2 LED Flashlight Torch
  • 8mm Aluminum Pill
  • last mode memory (3 second of use will stored as last mode)
  • 18650
  • Website for detail


  • Solid Pill Zoomable CREE XM-L L2 LED Flashlight Torch
  • 8mm Copper Pill (Not Brass)
  • last mode memory (3 second of use will stored as last mode)
  • 18650
  • Coming soon


  • Solid Pill CREE XM-L L2 LED Flashlight Torch
  • 8mm Aluminum Pill
  • 2 Group of mode for use
    Turbo High 1825Lm 4.26A / Mid 1.52A / Low 0.86A / Turbo Strobe 1825Lm(10Hz) 4.26A / Turbo SOS 1825Lm(10Hz) 4.26A / Change mode flash (maintain it about 5sec than it will jump to other Group)
    High 1362Lm 3A / Mid 1.8A / Low 0.89A / Change mode flash (maintain it about 5sec than it will jump to other Group)
  • Over Heat protection: if over heat, it will turn back from 4.0amp(over clock) back to 2.5amp
  • Hard oxidation body finishing with level 80%
  • Last mode memory: keep mode in 5sec will store the memory
  • 18650 or 26650
  • Coming soon

    If you interest please PM me and provide review reference, and i will send to zeusray, thank you.

    EDC122 copper pill picture

    EDC890 Prototype Picture

Of those two pills, one might be copper, the other one looks like brass for sure.

The big divot right under the LED is not good.

It’s nice to know new ZeusRay lights are coming. I look forward to seeing what they come out with.

I was wondering that myself, why the drill a partial hole beneath where the emitter will be.
One looks copper, and one looks like brass as Hank has said.
The holes for the emitter wires look rough, hopefully the production model will be better

They probably use something like this “drill point” cutter

with a central point, then they don’t finish by cutting the whole surface down flat, instead leaving that center hole deeper.

Or they just didn’t spec the hole as to have a flat bottom:

Here’s a CNC Handbook specification for how to do a flat bottom hole (bottom right corner of page 204)
— it says the best method is to use a “center cutting end mill” not a “flat bottom drill”

Yes, the right one is brass, which is the pill for edc120, the edc122 will use the left one which is copper.

Would the actual selling product be the same with the review product?
Because what I got on my zeusray is not good…

Is 8mm the thickness of the metal behind the LED? measured at the divot, or at the flat part?

Interesting, it looks like Zeusray still plan to improve there flashlights :slight_smile:

I wonder what the price on the EDC122 will be. i hope they used an omten switch & a copper DTP mcpcb. But at least the omten switch.

And i would really prefer they stop with the fake lumens ratings :expressionless: if they want to raise there profile & standing as a flashlight manufacturer, 1825Lm at 4.26A is not possible they know it & we know it, a 4.26A driven at XM-L2 is more than most stock lights & good enough to give an honest lumens rating higher than many lights already.

Lol!!! Goodluck with that!!!

If they actually quoted real ANSI lumens then to the non educated purchaser (the majority of their sales) it would seem inferior due to less lumens.

Never gonna happen.

I am not even asking for ANSI lumens because this is still a budget manufacturer, BUT they are probably quoting honest amp number so they could just as well use honest lumens numbers.

And I can totally see this happening because they have listened in the past on good suggestions (i am not saying that they will this time though ;)) AND the EDC100 (if i understand it right is the “first” Zeusray & is claimed 900 lumens & has been tested for about that also, at least the old good version. And it pulled less amps than they claim for the EDC890.
Just one example of a good suggestion they have listened to is the EDC122 with a thick copper pill, instead of a thin brass pill like the EDC120.

And I don’t believe the majority of there sales are from uneducated consumer, I believe they come from educated consumer like us that likes to find a good deal & then recommends those deals to friends.

the metal thickness is 8mm

yes it will be the same as the one release to market

what would be the max lumens can go with 4.26A in calculation?
since they should have test it with some devices, but i am not sure what it is, will try to ask for more detail on it, thx.

You can get an idea by using this chart; however there will be losses from the reflector and glass.

Note that copper vs Al mounted refers to the star or mcpcb that the LED is soldered to.

From Emitter Test Results pt4: XML2, XP-E2, XP-G2, and Nichia219! (along with sinkpad tests)

It also depends on what flux bin the XM-L2 is.

And Match’s chart also shows very clearly, why a copper DTP mcpcb is important for max lumens performance at high amps.

It is a bit hard to guess what 4.26A would give in lumens, maybe just leave it for now & only show the amps number. And hopefully one of the reviewers has a lumens measurement set up, so we can get an idea what the EDC890 can do.