Giveaway 5 lights supplied by Thorfire - Thorfire C8 ENDED

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Thorfire is going to supply 5 lights for the giveaway. When I pick the winners, I will PM them with an email, to contact Thorfire. Then they can get their light shipped directly from Thorfire and these lights will be a new version, with some corrections. The C8 lights should come with 4 amps on High and possibly with the hole gone from the center of the pill, for better heat transfer.

Thorfire sent me a few lights, so I could do tear downs and comment on how I would like them to improve. I only needed one of each, but I got more, so here is a giveaway of three new C8 lights. Three winners. Post here and your post# is your lucky number. Open to anyone who has been a member on or before 10/01/2015.

One chance per member.

Winners will be chosen on 11/09/2015, sometime during that 24 hour period. I use to pick winners.

Enjoy and good luck.

Hi, please enter me into the drawing. :slight_smile:

Got 2nd again!

G'Day Justin,

Please include me in the giveaway.

Thank you Very Much,


I’ll take it away

Please include me, thanks! :slight_smile:

I'm in. Thanks!


I’m in, thanks.

I’m In! Thanks Justin for the giveaways.

I’m in please, C8 is one of my favorites for EDC.


I’m in.

Thanks O-L!

I'm in. Thanks!

Very Good :exmark:

I’m in


Count me in thanks mate

Count me in, thanks!!

I’m in, good lights, thanks OL and Thorfire.

I’m in.

Thank you!