Giveaway - DMM Leads - **CLOSED - winner is...

Update 8/23/2015
Congrats to #28 using, Calmaja. Looks like I’ll be shipping these things to Indonesia…lol…half tempted to hit that ‘generate’ button again after I saw that. Just kidding. PM me your shipping address and I’ll get them to you.

Don’t get too excited over this one :slight_smile: Giving away a set of DMM leads using 12AWG silicone wire with ‘gold’ plated banana plugs. I ordered the wire from Amazon to make my own and now I have several feet of extra wire that will never be used. These are a must if you don’t have quality leads already.

Must have been a member since November 2012 and have a 5 star rating.
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Pick 3 of those members and write a 300 word paragraph for each explaining why they are your favorite member.
Of those 3 members, choose which one you think has the best collection of lights.
Choose 1 light from that collection and write a 500 word paragraph as to why it is your favorite light.

I will choose 3 of my favorites this coming Sunday. In case of a tie you will need to guess how many fingers I am holding up. If still a tie, then you will be required to post 1 pic of your wife or significant other at which point I will make my decision.

For real though, anyone can enter with an ‘I’m in’, but I would really love to give these to someone who doesn’t have a set of decent leads. I’ll choose a random winner this coming Sunday.

I still have my old 8025b from college and it matches measurements for my new Fluke at work. But, I am on my second or third set of replacements. It would be good to have a set of leads setting back for the next failure. Would be great if they were short, 12” or so for amp testing.

Thanks Matt

I'm not in but this is a terrific giveaway.

I’m in cos I Need em sooo bad:-)

Essays to follow - Thanks!

I’m in because I am a member even before BLF!

I’m in

Desperately need good DMM leads.

Thank you Very Much,


I’m in! I never had leads lol

hmmm according to No.5 I have been a member since 1949

NOT IN I already have short fat leads. (you can read that in any way you like)

Cheers David

I’m in. Thanks!

Im in! I hope this is acid resistant though since i will be using it mostly for lead acid batteries. Lol

I'm in. I have only ordinary DMM leads, so 12AWG would substantionaly improve readings. Thanks!

I’m in as the leads as mine are all cheapies and not accurate for current measurements.I use a clamp meter with a thick wire which is inconvenient.

I’m in, thanks WillyD.

How many people can say they DO have 12 gauge Silicone wire DMM leads? Well, one that I know of… :bigsmile:

Thanks WillyD. :beer: In.

Im in.
I could use a good set of leads. I never trust my higher amp readings due to the cheap ones that came with my cheap meters

In, please.

Using heavy stranded auto wire for leads is sub-optimal …

I’m in


Count me in! At the moment I’m using a piece of speaker cable, wich is already a big improvement on the crappy leads that came with my cheap DMM.

I’m in, thanks.