GIVEAWAY done!– Convoy Blue S2+ and Manker Boney winners in thread.


Convoy S2+:

Manker Boney:

Congratulations to tkd15 on the S2+ and to Lancman on the Boney! PMs will be sent to Gearbest and the winners.

Hey everyone,

GearBest contacted me to do a giveaway of two flashlights for BLF members. I like free stuff, you like free stuff, so why not! :smiley:
To spread the wealth, there will be 2 winners for this contest.

First is the Convoy S2+ in blue:

Link to the Convoy S2+ (non-aff) , price is $12.99 after coupon. Coupon code: S2490

Next is the Manker Boney keychain light:

Link to the Manker Boney flashlight (non-aff) , price is $4.89.

Rules? Not many!
Need to have been a member on or before 31 Aug 2015, and have had at least 1 post.
Just post here to enter, one entry per member. Multiple entries are disqualified.
Winners will be selected by and announced here. Details will be sent to the winner by PM and the lights will be sent by GearBest.

Contest will close by 11:59pm GMT Monday, 7 Sep 2015.

Good luck!

edit - Holy heck, thanks all for being merciful, first time running one of these. And no, djozz, no headstanding required. You can if you want to, though! :smiley:
edit 2 - Contest will close in about 15 hours. I’ll be asleep at 11:59pm GMT so I will post the winner on Tuesday hopefully by 6:00am GMT.
edit 3 - Contest is done! Winners were selected by random number generator. I used the first number for the S2+, second for the Boney. Giveaway winners, please PM GearBest soon to get your flashlights. Thanks all!

I’m in


Lucky number two?
I’m in. Thanks GB and keithd.

(edit: one > two)

Im in
I like the looks of the blue convoy.

I'm in. Thanks.

Count me in, please! :slight_smile:

Here we go again!

I’m in too . Thanks for offering such prizes

I’m in.

Already have the red S2+, blue would be a nice addition to the family.

IN!! Thanks for the chance. -ck

Count me in please.

Im in, if its a fake, a lucky friend of mine can have

Please count me in.

Sounds good… I’m In!


Nice, thanks!

Thanks for the giveaway, keithd & GearBest! 8)

Count me in.

I’m in. Thanks!

Meeee! ! Thank you for the GB! !

Count me in.


Please enter me. Thanks