Giveaway, FandyFire Rook, modified to run 3AA NiMH in series, We have a WINNER!

OL—-another great mod. One day the engineering “scouts” will come for you.
I would like a chance to own such a gem.

I have 3 Duraloops just for this occasion LOL

I’m in. Thank you!


If I qualify, I’m in…

Count with me. Thanks! :beer:

I want in,an OL modded light with Dr.Jones' programmed driver-wow! Awesome thanks for this.

I’m In.

Thanks for doing it.

I am in!

Nice mode!

thanks Old-Lumens!
im in.

Yet another awesome mod by OL! Thanks for the giveaway. I'm in!


This is an awesome build. I have quite a few lupodrv from DrJones and they are AMAZING!

Thats one bright light.
I’m in!!!

I’m in! Thanks nameless person and Justin!

Count me in!
Very desirable giveaway!! :love:

im in :) thankyou for this :)

Thank you both. It is a great gift !!!
I’m in.

would love to win this light! Thanks for giveaway!

Nice mod! I’m in.

i need this!