Giveaway - King Three toroid Driver - We have a Winner!

Post#12 dorpmuller is the Winner!

Since I modded my FF King Wannabe, I have the stock driver.


I never tried it out, but I can tell from the contact side, that the light was tested before it shipped.

I have debated on what to do, but I finally decided to give it to another member, via a giveaway.

Conditions of entry:

I would hope you would post here, only if you own a King or clone King and need a driver, or want a spare. I cannot make anyone adhere to that, so it's up to each of you, to make that call.

Also, this giveaway is open only to anyone who became a member Before 3-15-2013.

Post in this thread and your Post # will be your ticket number. I will draw from for the winner.

This giveaway will end on Saturday 03/23/2013 at 6 PM. Even if I don't announce the winner till later than that. It's still the cut off date/time.


Thanks OL, count me in, would love a replacement driver for my questionable SRK :expressionless:

Hi O-L, count me in.


Edit: Corrected, thanks!

Anyways, I’m in, thanks!

As I have a duff one please count me in, Ta.

Thanks OL,spare driver is a great giveaway,thanks.Count me in.

I don’t own any superlight but I hope to buy one soon.

Please count me in.

I hope I’ve done it correct.

I would like to have one spare for my SRK so that i can do modding to the driver.

Thanks for your give away.

I’m in! Thanks!

Bugger. I dont normally enter giveaways because for some reason members seem fit to ban me. I do not own a King. I will probably never own this light the driver once resided in. If OL would allow me to enter I would love to attempt to build a light that this driver would feel warm and cosy in. Please?

I’m in, thanks for the giveaway.

Count me in, please! I could use one of these.

I’m in-need one for a spare.


Would love one to mod the king. I’m in.

I’m in… I wanna mod the bejesus out of it.

im in. thanks for the giveaway

The Sky Ray King is my favorite light. Count me in!

Thanks OL. That would be the perfect birthday present and probably the only present I will be getting.

Perfect spare for my SRK. Thanks.

Count me in please…tyhks for the giveaway