[Giveaway] Pair of Convoy S2+ (Winner Announced)

Count me in too.

I’m in thank you (Will donate it to some Policeman in our town that still uses the clone brother of “shadow hawk”

(I don’t have a blue flashlight) so; I’m in :+1:

Count me in too.

i’m in

I’m in

I am in!

I also do not have a blue flashlight and the S2+ is a winner.

Thanks toddcshoe!

i’m in

i’m in. thanks!

Hey Todd, I am in. Thanks.

Count me in please. Thanks!

I’m in!

I’m in, thanks.

I’m in. Cheers

I’m in. Thanks!

Please count me in.

In, Thanks.

Thanks for the giveaway, toddcshoe!

I’m in.

I’m in and thank you for the opportunity!! . RTR . :wink:

I’m in. he he