[GIVEAWAY Sky Eye F15]in progress review turned to giveaway

light is being given away due to DX being a unreliable retailer.

any review is deleted, if you have a specific question about this light, feel free to ask and i will honestly answer.

F dx

edit: updated title

DX Fd me, so i F DX...

post here if you want this light. feel free to ask any questions about the light

i will randomly pick a winner at a random time.

i was going to give the light away after the review any way, but i dont feel DX deserves a good review. so no review

Does the Sky Eye F15 have next-mode memory?

yes... that is one of the very few things that were negative. some scratches on the tail cap anno, and the head screwing on had a slight "squeal" of not perfectly tight tolerance threads was it...

like i said.... DX does not deserve a positive review so no review.

it was driven over 2.8a on high

any other questions??

Hi, what light we are talking about? sorry i don’t see a name anywhere.

Sky Eye F15


I think that’s the point.

I’m game.

Ok count me in, great giweaway :slight_smile:

Wow, looked like a nice versatile light. Sorry to hear you had troubles. But if you’re giving it away, I’ll be in on it, thanks!

Thanks Pulse, I’d like a chance for it. I could give it to an aaa only friend of mine.

Troubles are stemming from the M5 deal that’s turning sour. DX is welching on something they planned very poorly. Something as simple as a quantity limit would have alleviated so much hassle.
Edit: If you happen to draw my name, PM me as I would get it sent to someone else.

DX being an unreliable retailer… does that have anything to do with the”mystery giveaway thread?” Just wondering. :slight_smile:
Anyways, thanks for the giveaway!

Please count me in. Sorry for your troubles with DX.

no, the ultrafire m5 thread, and "Justin" assuring me at 9:40 pm tonight that our orders would be fulfilled, and then charging me $2.38 for one

Oh, I see, sorry about your troubles. :frowning:

no problem. DX's problem now

if you feel this is wrong of me and want to provide return shipping cost to me to mail it back to DX, feel free to post herw

You’ve answered enough questions about it. I say that qualifies as a review. You met your end of the bargain.

I couldn’t resist and claimed the $5 coupon. Thank you very much. They won’t make money on the transaction. I bought the minimum $10.

your welcome. wanted to buy a blue ultrafire or a stainless p60 host from them with it, but they wont get no money from me... glad someone was able to snag something from them with it.

even with the gift card, only things i wanted i would have had to spend $30 after the gift card. not happening