glass removal tool

how does the tool look to get this glass out?

Did you try watch wrench?

If the bezel ring was sticking out, I would say press it on the (clean) soles from your shoes, or on a mouse pad.
Since the ring looks to be recessed, I would say something like this

I say something like …., as this six-star is ment to be used on a Surfire 6P/9P bezel. And you have an Olight (?!?).

Needle nose pliers?

That’s how i open this type of bezels . Just use your hand between the handles to prevent the needle nose pliers from closing .

In this case hard to do for this bezel has 5 notches. Needle nose pliers come in handy if your bezel has 4 or 6 notches. You can apply more force if the bezel(ring) is symmetrical.

Yes, but the notches look deep enough for pliers to work despite that there are 5 of them.

pilers and other metal tolls will schratch or demage stainless ring :confused:
this is cheap lamp, isn’t olight…

A suggestion: put heatshrink tube (one or more layers if needed) on the tips of the pliers to avoid scratching, in case you can’t find a better tool :wink:

The proper tool for this kind of work is called a pin spanner or pin wrench although, as others have said, these work best with an even number of slots. You could 3D print something to match the profile you need, or you could try your best with a pin spanner and risk slipping and marring the finish.

Safest bet may be to cover the bezel with a rubber glove first to protect it, then try and get a hold with a pin spanner.

I do not know what light that is,but I have had some luck with these
using the vise to expand the pins,need a little luck to go along with it.

I thought I recall a post from several years back where a member used JB Weld or a Steel Stick to make an adapter. You’d have to place some plastic wrap inside then force the Steel Stick in there and push in a 1/4” socket adapter and let it dry.

I would try with a bouncy ball, with a larger diameter than the bezel.
Simply apply the ball in the bezel, it should stick to the bezel but not touch the gall or the body.
If it’s the right size you should be able to unscrew it…