Gloves and flashlights

Phlogiston - It’s crazy cold in Scotland…I’ve been to Glasgow once.

To quote Billy Connolly : “I’m actually pale blue: it takes me a week of sunbathing to turn white.”

That’s why we getting new 2in1 BLF Special Light by Sofirn Named SP70 toilet plunger torch

Yeah, like others have Said. The cold weather.
I live in Sweden, a few years Ago, if my memory i serves me well. It was –29C where I live. I was on a roof working my job, not very pleasant.
Try going out without gloves in that cold. . not a great idea. :smiley:

Also, they maybe think by adding gloves into the mix, there is some “coolfactor” to it.

OH STOP!!! just the thought of COLD weather gets me all hot and bothered!!!

Glove to protect from cold outside or hot Nichia?

NOW thats a nice pair…. flashlights nice too


I constantly regret when reviewing my own photos and saw my dirty nails.
But still, I hate to retake the pictures because I’m too lazy :person_facepalming:

budgetglovesforum :smiley:

I would melt if I lived in Australia :slight_smile:

We actually had a heatwave this summer (25°C counts as a heatwave here) and I just hid inside for most of it :weary:

I’m glad to say that things are back to normal now, as seen on the world-famous postcard:

Maybe because your winter is cold but not very cold.

Maybe I should have worn gloves last night in 80F/26.6C !!!

Normal left hand and RIGHT hand 30 minutes after using my TN42vn90!! I got home from the trail and looked at my hand!

I have developed leather hands,no need for gloves!

Wow! burnt off all the hair. :wink:

daft question but how do you add photo?

cheers for that…no idea why I just didn’t search BLF other then being knackered after 27hours straight on call and teaching!!! :person_facepalming:

The glow flashlight looks action, militarily, hard for outdoor activities. Some flashlight have so small control buttons that they can not be controlled in the gloves at all. For example, DQG, Imalent DN35 and DN70.

S1 looks perfect in gloves.