GO Pro budget decent alternative

Since this is a budget forums, I’d figure someone has a budget alternative of a Go pro what performs well (at least 720P) and is reasonably priced :smiley:

I want to record rides from my bike.
Here are 2 vids I made from a canon sx130is attached to my bike. These are the type of vids I will be doing mostly.

SJCAM SJ4000 for $90. There's a wifi version for about $20 more. A SJ5000 is coming out soon. There are knockoff SJ4000 and another camera already using the SJ5000 name, so make sure you get a real SJCAM. It'll say SJCAM below the lens.

I haven't bought it yet, mostly because I want to see the SJ5000 first. I might not wait much longer though since I have a move I'd like to have a dashcam for.

Oh @ $90-100 this is the perfect price for me! Less is better but I’m fine with these prices too :smiley: Checking it out. Thanks.

edit: Ah its more geared towards car. I need one for biking. Either helmet or with some that will mount on the handlebar.

edit2:SJ2000 maybe :slight_smile:

(but beware of this crap Techmoan - Techmoan - This is not the WiFi SJ4000....It's the AT200 Review)

I’m using Techmoan - Techmoan - The Mobius Camera - The do-it-all mount-anywhere 1080p Micro Cam
(version with wide lense). Isn’t waterproof but was using it in rain with this “very expensive cover” http://www.biurowe.hg.pl/files/woreczki-strunowe-60x40.jpg - worked really well.

Also if recording on a bike then find a good app that can make software stabilization. I’m using ffmpeg.org for that, works more on less.

Note youtube gives bad quality (due to very high compression).

This was recorded with mobius (wide lense, powered from ENBx3 power bank), stabilized using ffmpeg vidstab, then speedup, connecteced together (since my mobius is set to record in a loop using 5 minute intervals) using openshotvideo.com, and once again stabilized using ffmpeg.

(the same on youtube looks much worse, youtune limits to 30fps unfortunately and produces lower quality videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XKZbpYTuF8)

I don't think it's geared towards use in a car. Sure, it does have a dash cam mode and a windshield mount with power supply, but it also has a time lapse mode, web cam mode, motion detection mode, plus a waterproof case. It attaches to Gopro accessories, and they're frequently used on bikes and helmets. Here's a long thread about it on rcgroups. Here are the accessories that come with it. The car mount and power supply are optional.

The SJ4000 is looking like its a great bargain….Since it will be biking or treking, it should have a head/helmet mount….

Last update: Thanks guys. Finally got one (non wifi) for about $65 :slight_smile:

Tons of em at fasttech


Oh wait….they have the SJ5000


Currently people are looking at Xiaomi Yi which is even cheaper than (some versions of) SJCAM, yet very capable:


Unfortunately sellers are greedy and it’s nowhere to be bough at 69$ price (the price set by xiaomi).

I like the Mobius as well. It’s well supported as mentioned at RCgroups.

I got Xiaomi Yi. Bought for 399RMB, great device for the money.

Fakes. Real SJ500 has mode button same place as in SJ4000.