Gold plated USB 2.0 A, micro-B male and type-C male connectors for the DIY crowd

I recently wishlisted the following:

Suffice to say recently one of my type-C transplanted (cut and spliced from a cheap cable into an old 5V 2A power supply) male connectors stopped powering up my smartphone. Seems ( :???: ) that type-C male plugs are more prone to power negotiation failures than the (still) more standardized micro-B plugs, I think this somehow has to do with the small pins inside the type-C connector, and oxidation buildup.

I presume the inner pins are gold plated, after all that's what really matters.

Any of you tried with the above? Yes they're pricier than standard (type-C) nickel plated connectors but I think I'm gonna gamble.

Actually, that’s not it.

There are 2x the power pins in a USB-C connector, and are thicker than micro-USB pins internally.

The actual reason for a looser connection is that with USB-C، more dust can build up.

Also, why did you splice your the end connector?

I’m guessing there’s a chance of human error in this case…

Do you mean why did I splice the connector? I had a cheap 25cm type-C/A cable whose type-C connector I slashed, then I spliced it with my 5V 2A supply cable. The data lines were bridged. No rocket science:

Took a peek (with a flashlight) at the connector's innards, everything “seems” right. But no power. In fact, it still worked at times until I decided to clean it with denatured alcohol and a toothbrush, then it died.

The power negotiation thing may not be @#$%, I also had a few issues with micro-B but of course I use it a lot less now.

I also use a type-C gold plated cable very often, no problems with it.

Human error? I'm never wrong, you ;-) know.

Wait, did you take it from a cheap cable?

That may explain some things, especially since the plug support end doesn’t seem to be very high quality.

USB-C can be a lot more complicated than you think. USB-C in 2022: Why it's still a mess - Android Authority

Read that yesterday, Oli. And well, all I can say is I don't @#$%ing care, namely with all those premium loser brand smartphones. They can stick all these up their arses one by one, now that they're so big it would be fun.

I love standards but, given mankind's overall consciousness, DERP! Still, I have faith.

Concerning type-C DIY male connectors, my experience with cheap micro-B ones has been positive. So may be Suntaiho made some really piss poor cables, at least in the past (paid €2.05 for two 25cm units on sale, now discontinued).

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 07:56