Gone. Thanks.

Hi all,

I have some drivers here that are good, just not anything I will ever use. A few convoy 7135 type harvests, some older mosfets and a couple of buck type. If anyone in the US would like them I will give you the bag of them free. Just post I will take them below.

That’s so nice of you. I am sure someone would need them.

I will take them :smiley:

I will take it!

Staticx57 please send me your address.

Hi Matt :smiley:

static, would you like to split it? I PM’d him first but you posted first! I wanted the convoy ones, but if those are the ones you wanted I hope you enjoy them!

Hey my friend, good to see you Brian.

PM sent. yes I was look at the 7135 too :frowning: I will let you know whats in and maybe we can split

Very generous vb and gidday Hoop. :beer:

Drivers received, thank you VERY much!!!

Got the drivers, appreciate the booklet too. Thank you!!