Good $10 Infrared Thermometer

For some reason it's $10 in some stores and $20 in others. I clicked around a couple places to score one for 10. This is a pretty sweet model, better build quality at least than the cheapo ones on Ebay.

Guess this costs more or less depending on where you live; it's $20 in zip code 90603 (SoCal). :(

It varies between the stores in my area too some are 50% off while others say 75% off

Still just gives a 500 server error every time I try...


If one store shows the high price, try another pickup location. About half the stores around me show $10. Get them as gifts for techies/hobbyists, they're pretty awesome.

This is nice for measuring light/emitter temps, but be sure to hold it close as possible because the sensor only has 8:1 profile.

Since the link does not work i have not the slightest idea what model to look for.

That's weird the link doesn't work for you.

General Tools & Instruments Infrared Thermometer

Item #: 73790 | Model #:IRT207

Link still doesn't work for me either... searching for the part number does though.

It shows $9.97, but I never entered a zip code... There's no Lowe's around here (closest is 5 hours' drive), so would need to order online anyway. Not that I mind - I like living in an area mostly free of large chain stores! One of the cities here even has a law prohibiting them.

I have a very small IR thermometer I got for $6 at Harbor Freight... It works, but the temperature range often isn't enough, so I've been thinking of a better one. I'll keep that one in mind - thanks!