good 3mode driver/xml led combination up to 8.4v

I was thinking about getting an empty p60 module from Dx and want to know what combination driver/xml led you guys can recommend. i was also thinking about changing the 1 mode driver from a solarforce xml dropin to 3 mode.

Sorry but i never came across such a driver that accepts 8,4V.

If you can do with only one battery this is a 3-mode:

A driver, which works fine with 8,4 Volt would be great. I have a Solarforce L2 with extension (can use 2 18650) - now I need a driver, which works with 8,4V and 2,5-3A for a XML (45 minutes runtime is ok, but I need a longer runtime and without batterychange.

This one wil do it but expensive

and this


This one wil do it but expensive


This is the driver I used on my 3xXP-G mini-mag rev II. Delivers 3.2a to the array. Spendy, but works well.