Good and bad 10440 batteries

This thread is for a quick reference to people thinking about buying 10440s. I would like input on which ones are good and which ones are not so good. As far as I can tell, there isn’t a quick and easy way to research which LiOn cells are decent and which ones are garbage. Hopefully this thread will help.

The way I understand it is all 10440 batteries such. :P In reality they all have a tiny capacity whether are crapfire or AW.

Using Joye cells here (IIRC that’s e-cig manufacturer), they put out 320+ mAh which is quite rare for 10440’s. Most are 250mAh-300mAh.

Thanks for the info

my aw ones work fine they have a low capacity but I havent had any issues with them

Do they put out 320mAh, or do they say they put out 320mAh?

They claim 350mAh, but 320mAh is what I tested on hobby charger.

any recommendations for protected 10440 cells?

This thread might need a good bump. Received my balder TD-0 a couple of days ago. Was thinking of putting a 10440 in it, since I’m not going to use it often but do want a bright light. I’m going to use it as a keychain light, so it would be rather nice if the battery won’t explode in my pocket.

Anybody got a list of good 10440 batteries?

The efest’s are pretty good and last about a month in my various small edc keychain lights.

• Good: efest 10440.

• Bad: ultrafire, trustfire, marsfire, spiderfire, every other _crap_fire name they have made up.

• Not worth your attention compared to efest: Everything else. For example: AW, Sibeile.

Thats it with 10440s. Efest.
Available at mtnelectronics, illuminationsupply and ebay.

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