Good aspheric lens >40mm?

I am looking for a good quality aspheric lens with very clear and crisp focus so that even the wires of the LED can be seen. The diameter of the lens should be larger than 50mm. The reference lens for quality that I own is the one for Jax-Z1 flashlight but that lens has en effective diameter of 39mm which limits the throw. I have ordered a couple of lenses from but they all have very bad quality and you can’t even see the square image of the LED emitter. So far I am considering:

1. Crelant 7G5’S Aspheric Collimator 66mm Head

2. Tiablo TA8 / A9 Collimator 53 mm Head

I found reviews for the first one with beam shots and it seems it would be a good choice for clarity. Does any one recommend another one maybe cheaper or if I can order any of the above two lens from a chinese site so that I can get it cheaper?