Good deal for Ten NCR18650 2900MAH ($65.31) and NCR18650 3100MAH($82.64) shipped?

10 x NCR18650 2900MAH ($65.31)

10 x NCR18650 3100MAH($82.64)

I not to sure that if this is a good deal or not?

Are these real?

Can someone buy them and test them or get a group buy for less?

Did anyone but these batteries as they are no longer available at this price?

on focalprice have the ncr18650 2900mAh at 6,2$ each and protected at 7$ each if you buy 10

or ws deal, but is worth for larger quantity

is a new sku and are not tested afaik, dunno if are fakes or with junk pcb

thats a good price for the 2900mah panasonics.