Good deal on Solarforce L2m 2011 model

Just bought one..14.50USD..solarforce-sales sells them for 15.99$+2$ you save a few bucks and get quick shipping too..mine already shipped..just sharing the info..cheers!

looks pretty genuine to me..

yeah typically the fakes have different tailcaps etc on them and are pretty easy to spot..this guy sells a ton of other solarforce stuff that i've never seen faked..the new tailcaps with stainless steel especially..I think his merchandise is legit but i'll know in 2-4 weeks if it's fake cus mines already been posted..if I had any doubts I wouldn't have ordered one.. is a fake..solarforce never has a flat ss bezel of a tailstanding cap on their l2m unless it's a special promo off the direct can look at the l2m I posted it's as genuine and on par to solarforce-sales site..

yes it takes a p60 any drop-in from ultrafire or solarforce etc will fit in..this light allows an 18650 or a 16340 (or 18350) to save xm-l module will not be powered to full though on the smaller configuration..I haver a nice 3 mode xpg running at 1.7a that I will use in shorty mode..

yeah it would…the x9 head would be pretty close to the size…if you want a thrower get a trustfire x9 and put a 2.8a driver in it…it’s like a lazer beam…x9 head is 60mm this is 72mm so 12mm difference…

yeah I guess..I don't know how much better the xm-l can throw though over the x9..i'd have to see it to believe it..even if you look at the 980l reflector difference between the x9 it's a huge difference, but the x9 only throws slightly better..I don't think you would see a difference between a 59mm head and 72mm to be proven wrong with a beamshot though..

no the 980l doesn't out throw the x9..(980l is 4cm head, x9 is 6cm head)'s very close though for the size difference..the 980l is tiny vs the x9 in terms of head, but the difference in throw is very for the extra 2 cm you get marginal extra throw..x9 with another 1cm on the head would be even less difference..I think the x9 is at the top of throw for an xml due to it's die size..

my 980l destroys a c8 is terms of throw..x9 would also..shape of reflector is definitely a width is not the only variable..

got this L2m today..8 days after shipping (not business days)..good quality and a genuine it! pic insert not working