Good lubricant for O rings and threads?

I use militec-1 (grease & oil) on my knives, guns and flashlights

Thought PB blaster had some kind of corrosive stuff in it. Thought that’s how it attacks rust to free things up.
I checked the link out, not the same stuff as I was thinking of.

Nye Nyogel 760G. Started with a 2oz./57gm tube 6 years back and it’s still pretty full.

I do things every six months, or so.


My personal opinion is that it doesn’t really matter what one uses as long as they clean and re-lube regularly. I doubt many (or any) who offer an opinion have done detail scientific research into the best lubricant. I personally go with what I have handy and within reach when I’m cleaning the threads.

Their penetrating oil does. Their silicone spray product does not, as far as I know. Not that I’m recommending it - I’ll probably pick up something thicker soon.

The XG-12 Ford Motorcraft Electrical Grease is Nyogel 760G. GM and Chrysler also have it. Can be picked up at your local Ford dealer parts counter.

Thanks guys for all info. I do not regularly use vasaline so I think I am OK. Just used it once. But better safe than sorry. One of my lights is $380 range and definitely do not want to mess it up. Thinking of buying Fenix TK75 2018 and that bad boy will be $300 plus range so need some good lube.

I was always told it was the best. Guess that’s why Armytek started selling it in smaller tubes.

US hardware retailers seem to have bigger ranges than Australian retailers, but the stuff I got from a big retailer here (for tap washers) was brownish rather than clear so I bought some online. It was easier to buy online than visit a specialist shop, and you only need a tiny amount.

I’ve been using this stuff for a couple of years now and it seems to do the job.

I use silicon, either the paste, liquid or spray depending on what i want to put it on.

I used to use Vaseline on maglights as that was what was recommend dont know if it still is anyway i found it broke down the orings and certain plastic bits of the maglights over time

Krytox. If you can afford it, its the best possible grease for knife pivots and o-rings that you can buy.

A little KY always seemed to make things slide well :wink:

J/K… I use a little tub of silicone grease, probably from Harbor Freight or an auto parts store.


I just spit on em.
Doesn’t run at all, is why i like this.

A stick of butter.

You use it on your O-rings?

Mayonnaise :+1: :smiley:

Lady juice :smiling_imp: