Good place to get a few different sized diffusers

I have a small collection of lights with varying sized heads. I was wondering if anyone knows of a "set" or "kit" you can buy of different sized diffusers. The kind that look like traffic wands are fine. I'm looking for a few different sizes in white, similar to what Fenix sells in 25mm. I would want to get various sizes from 15mm all the way to about 55mm (or whatever size a Maglite would accept).

I'm basically just looking to be able to turn some of my flashlights into lanterns for the home in the event of a power outage by adding a diffuser to the end of them.

Like this:



Well I ordered 5 of them from Manafont and none of them really fit any of my lights... I might try some from the int outdoor store (they have 2) but no one seems to have that soft white silicone style for something larger like a 3T6 or a Maglite.

Will these fit on a Fenix E21? Are they pliable and flexible, or more rigid?

Because Ive wanted to get some diffuers for a while but have been putting it off.


I ordered the same thing from CNQG months ago, and they are awesome, if a bit anatomical.

The diffusers are pliable silicone rubber - when not in use, they go into a pocket very unobtrusively.

the larger version, listed as 39-43mm, can be stretched onto (slightly) larger bezels, ie 45mm, but much bigger than that and it is more of a hassle than its worth...

I really hope to see some more sizes of these - ie 50-55mm and 65-70mm

i cant find diffuser for 14mm heads (iTP A3, Olight i3, Lumintop Worm, et al.)

Anyone knows if such a thing exists?