Good prices on Convoy lights with lots of led-tint (XM-L, XM-L2) options.

A new Aliexpress store, recently I ordered a Convoy S5 and he gave me these led - tint options below. (I guess it is applicable to all models.)

XM-L U2-1A, U2-3C, T6-4C, T5-5C, T4-7C

XM-L2 T6-1A, T6-1B, T6-3B, T4-5A3, T4-6A3, T3-8B4

XM-L2 T5-2B, T3-6A1, T2-8B4, T4-7A3

He also talked with the factory and have them manufacture SMO/smooth reflector for Convoy S2 - S5 - S6 - S7. SMO/smooth reflector for Convoy S2 - S5 - S6 - S7.

You can also choose driver, 3 * AMC7135 to 8 * AMC7135.

Oh! :open_mouth:

Thanx f42 for the heads up! A wide array to choose from at competitive prices. The only problem would be how trustworthy they would be. Please let us know how once you have received your light and what you think of it. :slight_smile:

I followed your link and was interested to see a couple of emitters that I didn’t even know existed:

-XML2 natural white T3 6A1 3500-3700K
-XML2 warm white T4 7A3 3000-3200K

I don’t recall seeing those mentioned on BLF before, so I’m wondering if they are real?

I see they (Shenzhen Great Wall Lighting Co) sell in minimum Qty’s of 5. Wonder if anyone has ever dealt with them?

You’re welcome Nightbird95.

TSellers, “T3 6A1 3500-3700K, Min 80cri” XinTD X3 XM-L2 has that option too you can check it on their webpage.

Yeah it was even available bare at some point

Owner of the store was recently banned here for not following the commercial sellers rules. And rejoined shortly after under a different name.

I guess just for opening a thread in the wrong place, am I right?

What I hate in most forums on the internet is “deleting a whole thread”. That was what happened, you can block someone it is ok, you can lock a thread it is ok too but deleting a whole thread including all communication in it, not ok for me!

You are wrong in out assumption, for posting on all kind of threads.

That is what I think and it is clearly written.

See here for an explanation and contact info for where to send your complaints:

Dude broke the very simple rules. Language barrier or no others in his same situation manage to get it right and we're glad to spend money with them because, by following those rules, they're able to demonstrate that we're more than just a source of cash they can dip into at will.

He did things like posting in the modding/DIY forum, something like 'how to swap an emitter', and provided links to the parts needed from his very own store. Not cool. There were more than just that one, it was a trend.

And another thing... you're not covering yourself in glory by making multiple threads linking to the store run by a banned member who couldn't follow the rules.

On this forum the administrator takes a lot time and thinking before deleting something, you don't need to assume anything or think, just be on the forum and you will see the administrator does not make quick judgments and deletes posts and threads all day.

comfychair, I do not have any complaints if majority does not have any complaints :wink:

Am I not covering myself in glory? Oh really? Well, so I failed! That was really what I wanted, you guessed perfectly you are very smart i think.

If the admin is not comfortable with this thread, he can delete it anytime he wants and block me too.

I forgot to say… @comfychair I think, you are contaminating my thread with your posts.

I was just looking at the emitters that were already base mounted for DIY use, not already in a host. As I have not seen them elsewhere it made me curious to see if there was something I was missing. Also by the sounds of it I’d prefer to order from a different seller that has better standing here, IOS for example.

You have got to be joking.

He’s not joking man! My Geiger counter just went off the scale. I think you’ve made the whole internet radioactive or something. :wink:

He is right lol, I am not joking. :wink:

I just checked the smo thread, it was comfy jumped in that thread also in the second I created it.

I really wonder what makes @comfy so uncomfortable

Just his opening 2 threads in the wrong place? Or something else?

He is selling led-tints most people never ever heard, we must support this guy I think!

Precisely, that is my concern and why the hair on the back of my neck is standing out.

Why are you so keen to support this seller who from what I can gather has a less than stellar reputation here?

TSellers, It is completely emotional, some unknown affection arose towards that guy from me, lol you want details? :wink:

And I think, you should point this question to users who posts affiliation links, not me :wink:

By the way, why didn’t you guys accuse me like this, when I posted the deal about dx?

Has DX been banned for not following the rules? Did I miss that?

We're not accusing you, you're actually doing it, this thread's existence is the proof. You're pimping a seller that was banned for not following the rules. Ask the admin to defend that decision, plead your case to have your new friend brought back in good standing. Why aren't you doing that instead of making these threads?