Good service from sbflashlights!

I just wanted to recognize Jason at sbflashlights for resolving a problem I had with a light I purchased from him. Months ago he listed a few lights at giveaway prices…I ended up with a Thrunite T30 for next to nothing. I received the light quickly of course, but it didn’t work correctly. Whenever I turned it on high, it flashed four times perfectly. I posted a thread here but wasn’t able to fix anything. I contacted Jason, and he was able to arrange a replacement with no hassle. It took a while to get it resolved, but it was resolved very nicely. I think good service needs to be recognized! Feel confident ordering from sbflashlights, I will be ordering from them in the future.

That soytnly sounds like excellent customer service to me .

nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

Glad it worked out, Dave. Good vendor and one of my favorite lights.