Good work/camping gloves?

I’m looking for gloves for camping and doing some work around the house. I would like to get it cheap but of a reasonable quality.
I was thinking about getting these

It has good reviews and leather should be a safe bet as a material I guess.

Any other suggestions?

Leather is leather, around the world. Those look nice, although I fear that black stuff in the fingertips would piss me off…

I can’t wear gloves usually, since they never “fit like a glove” on my XXL paws, but occasionally I get lucky.

When I do, here’s what helps me:

1 - Get a larger size than you think you need. I have yet to see any standards of the term “glove size”, but I have to try on all the “XXL” and “XXXL” gloves & cut Left and Right apart from whatever pair they were bundled with, in order to get a “same size” pair large enough to “fit” enough to wear.
2 - When you get them, put them on & wash your hands like you normally would, with mild hand soap & be sure to rinse thoroughly. No need to get the insides wet. The gloves will get a lot softer and shrink.
3 - Wear them dry & try not to get them dirty. It may take a long time… Throughout this whole process, exercise your hands until they get tired, making fists and pulling the gloves on tight constantly to improve the fit. The softened leather will stretch to fit you much better.
4 - When they’re dry enough* not to make your hands inside too moist when you take them off, you can take them off & lay them on a clean place in direct sunlight to dry even more. When you’re rested & ready, put them back on, cover them in Neatsfoot Oil and rub it in — like rubbing hand lotion on your hands deeply and thoroughly. Take your time and use as much oil as the gloves will take without dripping oil. *The more you let the water dry, the more Neatsfoot they’ll absorb.
5 - Wear them a while longer to flex the leather & let the Neatsfoot soak in. They’ll become very soft and fit much better. Now they’re ready for use.
6 - Years later, wonder why that pair — now your favorite gloves — lasted so long…


These Dickies Kid leather gloves are good (both lined and unlined styles) and they have a cool cowboy vibe to them too. They are not cheap in the UK but probably cost next to nothing in the USA.

Maxiflex is the best! glove! ever!

(as long as its dry-ish)

a lot car and motorcycle mechanics wear these at work

super sensitive for even tiny screws in a car (i once assembled a carburator with them on)

For me, fit is so important that I have to try them on to see if I like them. You might be a little more relaxed than me, though.

While I’ve got a bunch of leather gloves in circulation, I’ve taken to wearing mechanics gloves. (Just as an example — my favorite glove is discontinued, so I won’t link it — .) I get protection and much better dexterity. Again, your needs might be slightly different, and the nice ones are hardly budget.

I Swear on the thin textil gloves with some rubber on the palm which you can get for cheap everywhere. The normal leather gloves have always funny fingerlength, often the pinky is way to long…?
The textil gloves are strechable and fit like a glove, they are small so I always have some in my workpants. They protect your fingers while not making it unable to work or soak yourself in sweat.
I also have some with bigger rubber layer, made for forest and farmwork which I use for heavier tasks.

They usually cost just a few dollars a pair depending on the manufacturer and safety rating which has to be written on them in my country so it is easy to judge how much wear they can task…

The next better ones are the mechanics gloves which are made for a longer life but also cost five times or more, I have not found a perfect glove in this category yet as they differ a lot.

I will try out the ATGs for sure.

For work outdoors, a good goatskin glove is hard to beat unless you need something specialized like anti-vibration or cut-resistance. Rawhide, split leather, rubber-coated cotton…there’s no comparison. I do wish the cuffs were longer, though.

Thanks for recommendations.
I guess I’ll just gamble for $4 and order the gloves from Ali and see how good (or bad) they are :wink:

Please review them when you get them.

I find it’s often necessary to turn cheap gloves inside out and trim any excess leather from around the fingers to increase comfort.

Received the ones linked in the OP. Payed $3.97 on 11.11
To my disappointment it’s not leather. It was looking quite like leather, but it was not feeling right. You can’t easily see it, but after closer inspection I have found some strands sticking out of the material in one or two places clearly pointing that it is not leather. Tried burning one of the edges on the inside - it melts.
They do look reasonably well made. Likely will do for my occasional uses, but the material feels like it will tear upon heavy duty tasks.
Bottom line - you get what you pay for. Sometimes you do find a cheap gem, but this wasn’t it.

My favorite work gloves were gauntlet style motorcycle gloves like they have at hot leathers. The fingers fit better than most of the standard work gloves and were great at stopping the giant thorns we have in south texas. Don’t fall for those cheap canvas/thin leather work gloves if you work anywhere near thorn bushes. If you’re just doing very light work and not clearing acreage by hand than any cheap leather glove might do the trick.

I had mine for 3 years and used them daily for my motorcycle, brush clearing and working on vehicles.

edit: a good pair of gloves are worth their weight in gold.