Google Custom Search Engine now working for BLF!

Hello everyone,

Sorry it took so long, but a workaround was finally found for a long-standing Google bug, and the Google Custom Search Engine is now working for BLF. Try it out on the upper part of the left-hand column. I'm trying to steer users toward the Google search because it gives uncannily accurate search results, and it reduces the load on our own server. However, the local onboard BLF search engine is preferable for some advanced searches, and you're still welcome to use it. I thought I'd put access to the onboard search engine below the Google CSE results for those who aren't satisfied with the Google CSE results. Make sense? Work for you? Or any better ideas?

Let me know please! Thanks for your patience.

Hey i just tested it....seems to work fine. I typed romisens in and posts from this site came up.