Google sabotaging Chrome browser's performance (Android, v73 and up)

Just uploaded this video:

Illustrates one of the uncool features Google decided to introduce in Android Chrome 73 and upwards.
As you can see the “find in page” function now implements a crippling animation which makes it A LOT slower in certain circumstances.
In previous versions there is no discernible search delay.
The clip was recorded using Chrome Dev 75.0.3752.2

Do you like using software behaving like this? I certainly do not. And yes I could tell you more…

Cheers :-)

On a similar note, I hate Klarus Mi1C UI for ramping up or down while changing modes. Not only it makes the UI slow to use, I also can’t help but keep attention on the process.
I believe Utorch S1 Mini has a similar misfeature on turn-off.

Ramping up or down while changing modes? I would like to see that, can't figure out what do you mean at first LoL Agro. It may sound weird but at times I do wonder if the people making decisions about products actually test and use their sh1t seriously.


Does Opera work well with Android?

It's my browser of choice for PC.

That is my choice on my iPhone and my PC. Been using since back when you had to pay for it. I have a Amazon Fire tablet that runs Opera just fine as well. Haven’t tried it on a true Android system though.

You click a button to move to a higher mode.
A regular light would just immediately become brigher.
In Mi1C this is not immediate, it increases brightness gradually.
It’s not very slow but nevertheless annoying.

Ouch! Remembers me of a my latest homemade lamp, uses a 6 - 12S ≈1.5A AC driver which takes slightly more than a second to turn on. Got used to it already but at first I had to refrain myself from trying to hit the switch again. Damn slow stuff LoL.

Opera browser bufff. I must admit I am hyper picky with browsers and honestly none of them can overall match Chrome in Android. Firefox and Dolphin are getting close, though.

If you want a fast and advertisement free browsing (better than everything i tested for Android) test the Brave browser. It is using Chromium codebase.
My prefered browser for surfing advertising loaded websites or streaming sites.

If you want something that actually support openness, do not use any Chromium based browsers.

Firefox has gotten a nice boost in performance recently, and there is a new browser from Firefox coming made just for mobile.

Disturbing info about browser privacy in latest builds here .

edit: The above link was posted by a member of the telegram group for the rom I’m using. I thought it appropriate for the topic.

edit2: I can confirm the click tracking setting is present in chromium 72 based kiwi browser (my secondary browser on android). I hope they revert the change for future builds.

I wish the palemoon devs would resurrect their android builds. Palemoon is my preferred desktop browser.

The article from tekwyzrd said that only Brave and Firefox prevent Hyperlink auditing at the moment.
Perfect for me. I use firefox for usual stuff (ordering in online shops. . . ) and Brave for browsing add loaded sites because brave blockes much more adds.

I was an avid Opera users on PC too but now switched to Vivaldi.

Google literally made and owns chrome.
You might want to look up what the word sabotage means.

What is ipeness? O:)

Tried Firefox a few hours ago. Their lack of accessibility options sucks, even with my dpi setting (5.2" device with an apparent 8.47" size) the text looks too big, I need onscreen text to look tiny. I use text scaling 85% in Chrome with disabled #enable-use-zoom-for-dsf flag. Related flag description: Use Blink's zoom for device scale factor. If enabled, Blink uses its zooming mechanism to scale content for device scale factor. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android.

Otherwise Firefox looks great but I've not tried how it behaves in AliExpress with custom desktop user agent, something also a must for me.

Of course that sucks. We better go into trance state and instruct ourselves subconsciously to claim and defend our privacy rights. I am too an avid user of the do not track privacy setting.

Could you elaborate more?

If you (all of you) like the above video hit the like button or whatever, it'll help to raise awareness and for Google to look up their arse.

It is a lot better to take action than do nothing imho. I'm not wrong in this.

@Barkuti, sorry for the typo.

It’s strange that you have problems with DPI settings. I have no problem with my 5,5 inch Axon 7.

And it works quite well with Firefox compared to Chrome for me, since I have it set never to remember history/preferences.

All browsers of today suck. Both chromium and ff browsers are resource hogs and slow.
The only good browser was Opera 10 with the Presto engine. And that one was truly sabotaged from the inside.

What do you mean Firefox is a resource hog?

Since the Quantum update(Firefox 57), Firefox has been lightning fast and lightweight.

Chrome on the other hand, it’s become a monster.

And years later still fails to deliver APIs necessary to reimplement some of the most popular extensions. :person_facepalming:
I’m still on FF52 becuase of TabMixPlus.

Just use Kiwi browser

The struggle is real. There’s a full printable page worth of open bugs that’s still blocking development. I finally switch to Quantum because websites stopped working in an old version.

I’ve been using these addons in the mean time.
Undo Close Tabs
Session Sync
Simple Tab Groups
Unload Tabs