Top bloke

Sorted me out with a nice edc and had it delivered to my door , all within three days !

Cheers mate :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: glad you like it buddy. Should be dark in an hour or so, test time. :bigsmile:

Yes sir! He's good people! :hat:


Awwww - he’s gone all shy now :slight_smile:


Not trying to take long windy walks together or anything like that…. :bigsmile:

:zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

Maybe i missed it some where but what did you get……… :~

Edc18650, 3.04a driver on high mid low, xm-l t6 3c.

Can we see it ? 8)

Not much to see on the outside, here’s a picture of my three edc’s, the edc18650 is the grey one on the left.

Yep, seems we are all rallying to get him the most be-flustered. A bit, mean, me thinks, but he is a tough one, you know. Don’t know about the windy walks, but it would certainly be a bit of a swim to wiggle across the pond to see him blushing beet red — at least a tad bit tiring. :smiley:

I'm a bit confused here. gords how come it took you three days to walk next door and you get a pat on the back?

Well, I did have to get over the wall……that three days included musing a family suffering the plague, dealing with what work there was, building the light, getting it to the post office and relying on said post office to drive it the two hours from mine….yes, I could have delivered it myself, but have you put diesel in a 4.2td in Britain then tried to pass the cost onto someone else? You could buy a tn31 for the cost of filling the tank…… :bigsmile:

Besides, haven’t you got some lights to finish off? :stuck_out_tongue:

What worries me is the Coors Light in the photo. Tanglefoot I can understand - fine drink - but Coors Light ? Tell me it was for someone else (some soft Southerner was staying with you maybe)?

A Big red cape with a ‘G’ on it……

It’s just something to put the tanglefoot in, the limp wristed badge doesn’t change the flavour. :bigsmile:

Dale, as long as you don’t order me red y-fronts with a big “g” on them we’re cool. :open_mouth:

Ya know bro… I’ve never seen you. But I just got one scary visual…

Be even scarier if you saw me running around with a pair of red y-fronts with a big “g” on the front on my head…… :cowboy_hat_face: