Gorgeous 26650 Stainless xm-l light at CNQ!

Just saw this over at CNqualitygoods. It looks gorgeous. It looks like a custom light almost. It also comes in just a bare host as well. Pricey but I think it looks like you get a nice and unique setup for the cost! Although it is pricier than I'd like to see for a 'budget light', this is what I like to see. More original designs.


Does it look a bit like Electrolumens?

I guess there is some similarity...

Seems like I saw a Match Mod with similar styling once ...

That is one sexy light!

That would look good on my keyring...

They can copy all they want, but will never match the quality of the original !

Not a copy, just a simple SS flashlight with a 26650 battery.

Nice light, I don’t think it is a copy, just a similar concept.

By the way, I imagine it is quite heavy for that size, I preffer stainless stell lights on smaller types of flashlights.

I highly doubt it’s a copy.

The Big Bruiser isn’t SS. This light uses a tail switch while the BB is a twisty. It also has 5 modes while the BB is single mode.

There’s only so much you can do with a light when you’re trying to keep the design simple while utilizing heat fins.

I’m still a fan of the Bruiser though 8)

SWEEEET Looking light