Got a Hakko FX888 on the cheap and now

I’m looking for tips but searching the internet got me confused. I thought the handle would only take T18 series tips but according to some sellers the 900m series tips would also work. Is this correct? Thinking of buying some cheap ones just to see which ones I would use the most and then drop some money for real/good Hakko tips. Maybe buy a chisel point locally just to get me started.
I am also wandering if I can connect a hot air blower instead of the soldering iron. Anybody has a clue?

Yes, 900m and T18 tips fit. The hot air gun is not designed for that iron. It will take a different controller as far as I know. If I am wrong, I would love to know.

I use the Xtronic 4010 which also take Hakko tips, I really like this station because it has a knob to control temps and I can get it exactly where I want it in seconds.