Got my Fenix PD32UE today!!!

What a nice light!! And Shane at Pro-Tactical Shop was super fast as always. Here are some pictures with the 4-Xtar 3100mah batteries.

I am sure you’ll LOVE IT!

Thanks Dale!! It is way more than I thought it would be, super nice feel to it. :wink:

I got my PD32… I was like wow, this thing feels good & is hella bright. Just don’t let your wife hold it outside when your working… You say something , she shines it in your eyes… You don’t she sh*t for the next 5 minutes.

hehehe, I remember those days!! :wink:

How’s it compare to the Zebralight Sc600? I’m tempted to get the PD32

Very nice Rick. I hope it gives you years of trouble free service :)

It seems like the PD32UE is brighter, but it’s a CW vs Neutral

Thanks Glenn, it should it’s a Fenix!! :wink:

You're right. I have 6 Fenix's. All have been great with no problems. Actually, my first decent light was a Fenix LD20 R4 I bought in the Summer of 2010. It's been bulletproof!

The PD32 has an overall nicer beam, larger hotspot but smaller spill than the sc600
The tint is incredible, I’m glad I ordered one. It feels more durable than the zebralight, and the new UI is far superior to my old PD30.
Got mine from hidCanada and there was a nice little suprize inside. Today is a good day

Got mine last week from Shane.
Great service from Shane as everyone on BLF had stated.

My first Fenix but after using this I’m sure it will not be my last.

I’m a electrican and using the PD32UE as a EDC for work.
This is the best light ever for a person who is in the dark most of the day.
It just works!!!

Shane is awesome to deal with and has the best prices and service!!! Glad you like yours too, I sure love mine!! Fenix lights are such a quality light.

Very nice, thanks for sharing! I have been eye balling this one for a bit. Be share to share your opinions on it.

in terms of brightness, which would be more?.
the pd32ue 5000cct or the new soon ZL Sc600MkIIw at 4200cct ?.