Got my first copper EDC. jajajajaa

Got this one today, really excited. But it wouldn't fit a protected 16340,

so I removed the protection PCB.Now everything is fine and brighter.

on the other hand,I seems to have trouble with my TLF Little Bonny,(ReyLight)

Low low mode is missing, only med and high cycles. no matter whether I try CR123 or 16340(both protected and unprotected),

Changing several springs did not work too. Might it be a driver issue?

Thats a sweet looking light rey. What is it?

Maratac CR123 copper:

For folks outside the USA a challenge to obtain because they do not ship abroad.

Yes, that’s a shame.

Yesterday I stumbled upon the limited Maratac AAA copper light, with a XP-G2 emitter. Wow!

I looked into the Buy-for-me service of Borderlinx (I have a coupon from Paypal).
Their estimate for shipping and dues was almost the same as the price of the light itself.

Last time I bought an (stainless steel) AAA light in China, the shipping set me back only $2,99.


I’ve read that it is made in China by ITP (Olight), don’t know true or not.

Very nice light, i got stung for import when i got mine but it was worth it.
I put a 3A driver and a 4c XM-L in my one, heats up nicely. :slight_smile:

Very nice! :smiley:

You can find a US forwarder to ship the light to you. so you can avoid the tax or duty.