Got my ultrafire 980l today..4.6a at the tail?

is this safe? I love the brightness of demolishes my solarforce masterpiece which is a very bright light (700lumen) the throw on the xml I wouldn't have thought possible with the size of the led..very tight beam and my god its will come shortly when I get some time, but for now is it safe to run 4.6a? the heatsinking is very good with the larger head and you can feel the light warm after 10 seconds or so..I have just never had a light pull this much from 1 cell..kind of worried about it lol..

I'm sure that 4,6A reading aint by design. Would be nice for a SST-50 perhaps not a XM-L. If 4+A reaches the led which may very well do it would probably sjoten the life of the eimitter. Also way out of comfort range for single budget cell current draw. An IMR would be advised according to what i've heard about them.

I would change the driver to a 2.8A one. Pretty enough for a XM-L. Single cell friendlier too.

all I know is I test the tail and get 4.6 a with a 4.15v battery..i'm using 14 awg copper leads so i'm sure the readings are I said it destroys my masterpiece which is ~700 lumens 3.2a kd xml is like a toy vs this light..I have no doubts this is going to shorten drastically the life of the emitter, but that's an easy enough fix if it does happen..I have 2 2.8 kd drivers that I would use, but I hate the 2 sec on thing..the light was only 43 bucks though so i'll give it a good test..the IMR cells will be ordered though for sure..these readings are on flame trustfires..

Impressive for trustfire cells. The flashlight look nice to me. Out of budget for me otherwise i would get one. For the emitter longevity i would do a driver swap. Beamshots! Possibly with the "humble" 3,2A KD XML. :)

yes sir beamshots will follow with the review..i'll grab a shot tonight when I got home hopefully..I only have my iphone on me now and its impossible to get the shots at the same setting..

as for a driver swap i'll probably just run the emitter as is for as long as it will run..then do a sst-50 led..the medium at 1.2a is great though for runtime/output..the reflector is amazing for throw so I just leave it on medium to get the best of both worlds..this will probably save the emitter from any excessive damage..if I could only find a driver that would do 2 sec off memory and be 3.0a..