GP ReCyko AA NiHM...bad battery?

I have 4 AA NiMH GP ReCyko batteries, brand new. 3 measure 1.23v-1.24v after being barely used in a TrustFire TR-A9 , and one measures -.05v.

These are brand new, barely used and only charged once. Is just one of them bad…or is something going on w/the flashlight that would ruin this battery? Are GP ReCyko batteries worth a darn???

Genuine are good. But I’m sure there are fakes out there. Where did you buy them?

I hear GP’s are ok. Not quite eneloops but ok. Seems like one got pushed into reverse polarity. Hopefully the damage isn’t permanent or severe. that happens often when cells with different capacity are in series. Charge them up and analyze their capacity and you should be fine. Use as closely matched cells as possible and don’t run them that low. Shoot to charge at around 50% or something to be safe.


I got some from buyingcoins
when they where on sale. The batteries that I received seemed to be doing fine. I haven’t run a discharge test lately but they seem fine in my devices.

Mine from BIC are so-so, Im quite sure they are not genuine GP’s, just dont feel like they are with some DOA batteries and inconistent capacities in one of the size(AA or AAA, cant remember).

Got mine from FastTech, Genuine ? I don’t know.

3 of them I got 18xxmA range from 1A discharge, another one only 15xxmA, so I try not to over discharge them in my D40A (when it start to dim with medium mode)