"Grandma" flashlight

What features/host are you looking at?

I thought we had dozens of such lights at home depos and walmarts.

They often run on C and D batteries.

Yes as well as AA and AAA, that is exactly what you want for a grandma light. tell a grandma that batteries she uses and has to charge, can explode, or catch on fire, it will not take a second before she tells you “get that crap out of my house and never bring it here again”. i got that from not so old people, they just do not want worry about another thing that can burn their house down, or something similar. not to mention they tend to forget things, like cells in charger for days. or accidentally put a cell wrong way, or something else, (iirc we had a thread about an explosion of a battery in a charger, that was not supposed to be recharged). or was it cpf?

You realize you don’t have to have a dedicated charger right? You can just build it in and have it cut off when finished charging. Cylindrical cells are safer than the pouch cells in your phone or your laptop and you don’t see people freaking out about those.

FWIW… my mother, who is a grandmother, uses a twisty light just fine. What I think would work well as a grandma light is a twisty with a low and high. And maybe a hidden SOS (low/high/off/low/high/off in continuous succession would trigger SOS).

Plenty of “Grandma” lights already available in hardware stores.