Grease Is The Word.

Some torches come with a little grease, some don’t seem to have any. Wondering what grease I should buy to keep the threads well greased.

What grease do you use on the threads?

Nyogel is oft-mentioned, but I got this YEZL stuff from FT that works great.


NyoGel 760G is a favorite with many.

Thank you for the good recommendations.

I was at Harbor Freight and seen Super Lube synthetis grease: , but I wasn’t sure about using it for flashlights.

I use this stuff…you can also find it at an auto parts store….

LOL, I think we posted at the same exact time. Good to hear it is good.

I bought a small plastic container of Sanchem’s No-Ox-Id a decade ago, and it’s still nearly full despite being used on many flashlight threads. A little goes a long way.

+1 for Super Lube, highly recommended grease (fun fact snap-on use this grease in their tools)

How much thread and O ring Silicone Grease will you use in the next year or two or five?

Mountain Electronics has a small 5 gram plastic tub of what they call "Premium Silicone Grease" for the petty sum of $1.45.

Super lube is without a doubt one of the best products Harbor freight sells!

+1 for SuperLube. Safe for any kind of o-ring. Just use it lightly because it’s dieletric.

I remember there already being a thread for this topic?

Most any quality grease (mine is Militec1) works fine on threads. I highly recommend the purchase of a small tub of No-Ox-ID, prolly a one time purchase that will last half of forever and protect all your electrical contact surfaces from corrosion.
I use it on each end of every battery I install, the spring ends and the anode connection. I also rejuvenated a few Xmas battery decorations with its use.

I've have both SuperLube and Sil-Glyde and Sil-Glyde is far more smoother on my flashlight threads

A lot of great replies. I am going to try one of the products listed here, that is available at a local store.

Same. It came highly recommended when I first got into flashlights over 10yrs ago. I use it on more than flashlights too.

I use the Nitecore grease which worked really well for me so far

Yeah, that’s good stuff. :+1:

But for lights with bare aluminium threads i use soft candle wax (not the usual brittle kind) because it doesn’t dissolve the aluminium (no grey gunk as a result).

The Nitecore SG7 silicone grease is available from batteryjunction dot com at $2.00 per tub.

Nyogel; lasts forever; I’ve been using the same container for a long time on my lights.

+1 for Superlube.