Green bird in flashlight field, want to get some suggestion

:slight_smile: Hi, everyone. I am Annie, a new comer. Before I register the account here, I search for a lot of information about the diving light.While, i couldn’t make decision. either. I want to learn diving after several months. But i am a green bird, i do not know what should i prepare for it. The most important gear i care about is light, which kind of light should i choose? Could you help me?

XTAR D01 Scuba Cree XP-G R5 18650 LED Flashlight

XTAR D06 Scuba Cree XM-L T6 LED 18650 Flashlight

XTAR D35 3x XM-L U2 Diving Scube Frogman LED Flashlight 3x 18650 Battery+Charger

available here:

Welcome to the forum! I’m sure with all the knowledge contained here, you will find exactly what you need. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. Have you owned their products? What do you like it best?

I just saw their product line-up. I have never owned or used one, but a brand with plenty of complaints regarding its quality and performance will be easily exposed here in the forums, so far I’ve read no major flaws with Xtar. There are other specialty brands for diving I’m sure.

Can you or someone else tell me what happend to your (annie-one’s) other two threads? (PM if necessary)

Umm… What does the term I am a green bird mean? Google wasn’t helpful

Green bird sure smells fishy.