Green DX laser

The pointer styled lasers linked to in the OP need constant pressure on the button. I ordered a couple pointers that looked the same, from US sellers on eBay, that were a lot weaker.

maybe it will be safest then to order from DX :)

How are these?

LOL "Military Grade"

lemme guess, the Greek military

3 times more expensive, and special batteries, so a no go for me :)

The cells are also known as RCR123 or rechargeable CR123s. Hardly "special".

But the 3x the price is a big deal.

ye but, AA or AAA is much more convenient as i have a lot of them, 18650 or 14500's would have been ok as well but another charger and battery type... no ty :) and yes the biggest deal is ofcourse the much higher price

I didn't catch the joke, can you please explain?

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about green lasers what about that? looks cool

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Hello. If you are looking for a good deal on a nice laser, I can recommend this:

He sells boatloads of them! They are 'guaranteed' to be over-spec. I purchased my 1st laser from him and could not be happier. $19 and change shipped, and it is probably around 60 mW. He sells 3 different kinds. Fast shipping (USA). Check the link out. These are not toys, very dangerous. Get some goggles.

looks nice, but as you say they are not toys. If i would wear goggles i would be safe but i don't want to blind someone else by accident who doesn't wear one.

Regarding Ebay and 5$-10$ green laser pointers, its a lottery with them.

Ive seen them droppin in prices during last couple of years a bit, but with each price drop comes drop in initial output so buy one from reputable seller who back up their clams regarding output, otherwise you might get far less than 5mW for your money ;)

Its even worse with blue-violet lasers.

Do you know a reputable seller?

I think this would be able to put a visible spot on a reflective building for as far as 10 miles at least. Built in beam expander. But do not aim at any aircraft! The beam expander makes the beam wide from the front aperture, but it is this width that enables you to put a good focus on a far away object, when i mean far i mean several kilometers. With a regular laser, it is like 1mm thin but diverges faster. On youtube you can search for 532nm lasers with beam expanders lighting up matches as far as 100ft away.

O-like is well known at LPF, their lasers are pretty much on the dot as measured with a LPM.

532nm is the most visible wavelength for lasers and also having the lowest divergence. 445nm is more for short distance burning and 405nm longer distance burning.

Do read laserpointerforums for safety information first. It is a big issue when using at indoors.

PS. Most of those specs at aliexpress, manafont, DX, ebay are wrong.

A certain LPF member's creation (wannaburn)

TY for the links 2100, but i'm afraid these are a lil' bit out of my price league, just wanted to have a fun laser which is powerful but not too dangerous :)

O-like has some cheap and good stuff too. BTW, don't use DHL or EMS, use that few dollars shipping. (registered mail)

Here are a couple of places that sell QUALITY 5mW lasers. Not really going to hurt yourself of anyone else with these, but you could:

these are some beautiful lasers, gift sets, etc. Priced right around $50

Saypat, actually you could hurt yourself with 3mW. gcbryan uses those 5mW pointers, usually they are over 5mW, check out LPF they have some posts of it. Morever even at 4mW, in astronomy usage our pupils are fully dilated to 6-7mm for a healthy person...i think i read some jester at a star party went round flashing at people. The chance is "pretty high"

Also even with a laser google, a good $80 one which is certified, you can hurt your eyes because with a cheap greenie there is IR which is emitted from the lousier diodes (they put out more IR, and there is no filter). But as long as you don't do stupid things, esp if you are spotting outside, there really is little issue. BUT, just be mindful, it has the the capability of blinding you or others even at a good distance.

For eg, a 1.2W 445 is dangerous up till around NOHD 200m, even though it does not look that bright and has a high divergence. A 405nm is worse, it's actually pretty dim relative to 532nm. The eyes spectral response is shaped like a bell curve.

Here's some info on the NOHD (pretty technical) :

Everything sounds depressing right? Well it's dangerous but still manageable with the knowledge and protocols. Even a HID can be dangerous in the wrong hands, i think most folks over here do not know that those 6" and above HIDs are quite dangerous in real life, esp short arcs. Usually for the LED folks we are just busy with stuff like lux readings, beamshots. heh...