GREEN flashlights

Hell I can’t even figure out how to copy the link for the green Astrolux ft03 lol

I find them pocketable, even without the 18350 tube, but don’t forget the Convoy S2+ in green.

And I’m sure someone who knows what they’re doing could get a lovely green patina on the coppper one :wink:

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The URL for the image is©1thedeals-1280x720p-astrolux-FT03-color-comparison-02.jpg, and the actual group buy thread is here.

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This photo is in comment #2, and the URL for that comment looks like this:

Convoy S2+ is available with green body color.

You might be able to ask Simon (of Convoy) to assemble one based on your driver/LED preference.

I would suggest a plain 5-30-100% 7135×4 (1.4A) driver (I am still afraid of faulty Biscotti drivers), and SST-20 2700K or 4000K.

There is also 18350 short tube available for that.

Flying Luminosity,

Thank you for posting the pics and the link for me! Much appreciated.

You’re very welcome. When I elaborate like this it tends to be an autism thing combined with OCD, ADHD and being in the hypermanic phase of bipolar! :slight_smile:

It is a common characteristic of aspies that we are only be able to focus on a small set of highly specialised subjects - and I guess green flashlights are pretty high up on the scale when it comes to specialisation! :smiley:

It’s a nice little light. The clip is almost useless.

Since this has turned out to be any-and-all green lights . . . . .

The venerable S2+ comes in a nice green…

’Though get it (full light or host, shorty tube available, too) from Simon.

Or here ya go. Go crazy…

Aaaaand I see others recommended the same.

Anyhoo, I got one on green, and it’s a nice primary color, just like the red and blue.

Green Olight S2R II is on sale today at Amazon.
Lots of Olight stuff on sale today.

Thanks for the suggestion! I know it might be blasphemy on this board, but I’m not a huge fan of my FW3A. I frequently turn it on due to the electronic tail switch. Love the design though. If anyone knows of any hacks or upgrades to fix this, that would be great!

[re: Oilight] Eep! 60bux is “on sale”??

Thanks! I have the Kelly Green Astrolux MF01 and call it my Green Monster. This thing is awesome. I also have the D4v2 in gray already and really like this light. one of my top lights for sure.

Never heard of this light! Will take a look, thanks!

Thanks for the suggestions. I really like the design of the Klarus lights but the ones i’ve owned i haven’t liked. I might pick up the Klarus Mi7, thanks!

I have an orange Astrolux A01 which i do like!

Thanks guys. I love my previous blue S2+. It was kind of a surpise light for me. I did pick another green one up and included the short tube (and deep carry clip in black). I did go with the x6 driver which was a last minute decision. Might regret and wish i went with the x4. We’ll see.

I already have a FT03, but the deep green is sweeeeet. I wish i would have picked up this one!

ugh, I’m REALLY mad i missed this. What was the price for the Olight S2R II?

You know, it is also available with the SST-40 or XHP50.2. Don’t you need both? :wink: